In both modelling and the beauty pageant world, your personality is crucial, everyone loves a beautiful girl with a friendly warm personality. It is the main reason why everyone at a pageant is closely watched from the moment they arrive at the location. From the lady at the check-in desk to the judges keeps an eye out for the nicest girl, that is personality wise as all girls making it this far are stunning. With all eyes focused on you, it is also the best time to shine, it’s a stage from the second you arrive, and your performance is judged until crowned and for the year and maybe the rest of your life. The lesson: Be yourself, never phoney or fake, no one can keep it up for such a long period of time.

The Beauty Pageant Audition

Beauty pageants are not only similar to auditions, but they are also an audition for a very powerful part, someone representing beauty, kindness, intelligence and often a spokesperson for her country. A likeable and bubbly personality is your SECRET to doing great in your introduction, also referred to as your biography or your mini commercial. Even if you enter a small or local preliminary pageant, there will be a discussion with the judges, while you would be required you to speak on stage during a national or state pageant.

The SECRET in your Eyes

Once you’ve worked on both your general knowledge and your personality to ensure you are both approachable and friendly the final touch is in the eyes. Look judges straight into their eyes. This is the secret that can win you the entire pageant as impressing the judges plays a major part in who gets the highest overall pageant score.

It is all about smiling with your eyes even when you are extremely nervous, it shows strong character and that you can cope under stress or any other condition. While on stage smile and look at the audience, your future depends on it.

The Third SECRET is in your Walk

Entering the doors of the venue where the pageant takes place via a confident, beautiful flowing, a model-type walk is bound to make an impression on everyone, including the judges and other contestants. You don’t have to reveal your runway walk yet, but a friendly smile, enough confidence and a striking walk could be a powerful combination, remember you entered to win, not to be a contestant.

Let the thought of wearing the crown be your inspiration, walk with energy, walk with a great posture, be positive and smile with both your eyes and face. Once you get to the stage it is time to reveal the model in you, great the entire audience with your friendly smile, show them that this is where you belong and that you are the winner they want, that they should vote for you, after all, you offer the whole package.

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