Which weight loss method does not require exercise? This activity helps you burn calories without dieting or footsteps in the gym.
Losing weight is not an easy task, scientists think you can burn fat in your body by watching movies on … sofa. The amount of calories burned depends on the type of film you choose to include. So what should you see to see the best results?

Researchers at Westminster University found that viewers of unconscious horror movies were sweating and they didn’t know it. Sitting in front of a scary movie can see you burning a whopping 184 calories. If you look at this type of movie a few times a week, you’ll throw away about 500 calories, a number that dream weight gainers have.

Dr. Richard Mackenzie, a physiologist who performed the test, said: The faster the pulse is beating, the more blood is pumped around the body, and the body will experience an increase in adrenaline. This is created during short tensions, or in this case, fear. It reduces appetite, increases basal metabolic rate and ultimately burns calories at a higher level, really effective for weight loss.

Looking for another simple way to lose weight?

Hot water baths can burn as many calories as a half hour walk. A study from Loughborough University studied the effects of hot baths on blood sugar control and calorie burning. Half of the participants took a hot tub for an hour, the other half was asked to ride for 60 minutes.

The researchers measured how many calories men burned during each activity and monitored blood pressure for 24 hours after each test. The results showed that while cycling requires more energy, bathing in an hour actually burns as many calories as a half-hour walk (about 140 calories). People bathing in the tub also lose weight faster than the group of cyclists.

Another study from the University of Oregon showed that frequent hot showers may help lower blood pressure. Taking a hot bath or soaking in hot water also helps to clear the nose, relieve the symptoms associated with colds and flu. Because the heat of hot water moistens the nasal passages.

In addition, taking a hot shower can act as a gentle massage on your shoulders, neck and back thanks to water and temperature. It also improves blood circulation, improves sleep quality, and provides you with a cleaner and healthier skin.

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