4. Queen of Scotland: Mary (1542 – 1587)

Famous queen Mary Stuart is famous in world history when she was crowned at the age of 6 days old. The beauty of the Queen of Scotland is not a gift from God because she owns a slightly rough nose and a pretty chin. Therefore, she has to pursue many beauty ways to have a captivating beauty captivating people.

Among these is her famous use of white wine for bathing. Accordingly, Queen Mary’s servants often mixed a little wine in the bath water for her to use. Thanks to the alcohol content of the alcohol, the exfoliation becomes effective, helping the skin become whiter and firmer.

5. Queen of France: Marie Antoinette (1755 – 1793)

Queen Marie Antoinette is famous as a beautiful woman with talking eyes. In addition, the smooth white skin is well cared for and the body always exudes a special scent created by her own perfume with expensive aromas. Her captivating charm captivated many men, including cardinal Louis René Edouard de Rohan.

She often goes to bed with a mask made of 2 teaspoons of cognac (or vodka), 1/3 spoon of milk powder, 1 egg white and lemon juice. Mix all ingredients into a thick paste and apply on face for 15 minutes. The Queen cleans her face every morning with a dove-based cleanser made of pigeon. In addition, women at that time considered beauty to have a skin so fragile that it could see the blue veins of blood vessels. That is why the Empress knows how many other French women follow the trend of drawing blood vessels with green pencils.

6. Queen of Austria: Elizabeth (1837-1898)

Queen Elizabeth, better known as Sisi in popular culture, was the wife of Emperor Franz Joseph I of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. She has a hobby of making lotion herself by mixing sperm whale oil, rose water, and almond oil. Every day, the queen applied a thin layer of cream on the face. In addition, the queen also homemade masks for night use with ingredients including veal and crushed strawberries. The Empress’s diet is also strictly controlled. Her long hair is tied up high, so every day she has to spend 3 hours just to remove her hair, she also rarely goes out for fear of damaging the hair.

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