A cult movement in world music has just happened, notably related to the two beauties of sports.

Nicole Scherzinger has just officially announced to leave the famous X Factor US version. Immediately, the British singer, Cheryl Cole was replaced with a terrible salary up to 1.5 million pounds.

For a long time, X Factor has been a famous global music competition, with many versions for each different country. In particular, the US version is more appreciated. Candidates who won the high prize in this contest all succeeded on the music path afterwards.

Therefore, the artists who participated in the judges of the competition are extremely powerful individuals! It is worth mentioning that the two names Nicole Scherzinger – Cheryl Cole are not only famous in terms of singers. But the duo are also the beauties in the sports.

Cheryl Cole is the miserable ex-wife of super defender Ashley Cole on Chelsea side. Meanwhile, Nicole Scherzinger is the longtime lover of the famous F1 driver Lewis Hamilton.

The couple Nicole Scherzinger – Lewis Hamilton broke up and came back many times. Last summer, the American singer parted ways with Hamilton. But after that, the couple was miserable because they missed each other. In February, both of them made up and came back together.

To close the bond, Nicole Scherzinger decided to leave the judging seat at X Factor to follow her lover to the F1 race to cheer until the end of 2014. During this journey, Nicole Scherzinger will also promote the album. her first in 3 years. This album is a combination of American singer with Sony.

So with Nicole Scherzinger, giving up a part of her career but this singer is getting happy love and a new dance step in her life. As for Cheryl Cole, returning to the hot seat X Factor is a leap but is hard to know. In the past, this beautiful singer had a conflict with Simon Cowell, another powerful judge of X Factor. In romance, Cheryl Cole is also single when breaking up young lovers are Bamboo dancers and ex-husband Ashley Cole can not trust!

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