Gymnastics is a sport that has existed since the far away period and its homeland is the ancient Greek country. By the 1700s, after being taught at some German schools, the sport was officially released. And now, it is a familiar subject that is present in the world’s Olympics. Gymnastics athletes not only have great techniques, attractive performances, but also their beauty. Let’s discover who they are.

Nastia Liukin – USA

Nastia Liukin is a former Russian-American athlete. Right from the age of 6, Nastia participated in gymnastics. When she was 13, she had the first prize. With her tireless efforts, she won admirable achievements.

In addition to her successful career, Nastia Liukin was also noticed by her beautiful appearance. Her elegance and lightness and her expressive ability were discovered by designer Lubov Azria of BCBG Max Azria. Immediately, Nastia accepted an invitation to become a model for the Max Azria’s spring-summer 2009 collection. Currently, she also holds the position of sports analyst for the US NBC station.

Son Yeon Jae – Korea

It would be missing if not mentioning the Korean athlete Son Yeon-jae on this list. She is one of the most beautiful athletes of the sports of Korea. She was crowned champion at the 2014 Asian Games held right in Korea. With this achievement, she was voted the athlete of the year in Korea, surpassing the legendary Kim Yuna, and also won the MBN Women Sports Award 2014 in Seoul.

By the 2016 Olympics, she quickly attracted the attention of the media by her beautiful appearance. This 1.65 m tall girl is called the Rose of the Rio Olympics. Although Son Yeon-jae did not achieve high results, it was also the pride of the Korean people. Currently, she is also the face for sports label FILA.

Evgenia Kanaeva – Russia

Evgenia Kanaeva was born on April 2, 1990 in the Soviet Union, Russia. She was the most famous and successful athlete in the country’s history in the past decade. Not only success in her career, Evgenia Kanaeva is also very beautiful. This former athlete is 1.71 m tall and weighs 49 kg. With an elegant face, a high, straight nose and attractive big eyes, she has received an invitation to be a model of some famous brands. Currently, Evgenia Kanaeva is the Russia’s Gymnastics Team coach.

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