In the past, when it came to gambling-related games, people often thought of places just for men. However, when gender equality is balanced nowadays, it is not too new for beautiful girls to appear in casinos or play on online gaming portals. With their intelligence and sharpness, they proved not inferior to the male defense in terms of level or status. The clearest evidence can be mentioned as the most powerful woman of American poker world – Tiffany Michelle.

Tiffany Michelle was born and raised in Los Angeles, USA. She is a multi-talented person and is known to the public in many different roles such as singer, songwriter, commentator and especially a famous Poker game player. From an early age, she was trained by her grandfather and brothers to play Poker. Later, in order to train and improve playing skills, she played in online casinos and joined some amateur tournaments in her home country. Tiffany is very diligent and spends a lot of time practicing every day. The first success after the days of hard training is the championship in a poker tournament in Las Vegas.

It was also thanks to this victory that she was discovered and recruited by Bombshell Poker as a commentator for Bluff Radio and responsible for WSOP 2006. From that moment on, she began traveling all over the United States to collect information and carry out her mission. Currently, Michelle is one of the expensive commentators of the two most famous Poker game news sites in the US, Poker News and Bluff.

Tiffany Michelle’s professional poker game career was marked by her surprise entry into the top 17 of the best WSOP Main Event in 2008. It is known that this is a very prestigious tournament and the total number of players involved in the year. That’s up to 6,844 people. After this special event, she was praised by many newspapers as a queen of American Poker games.

In addition to her outstanding talent, Tiffany Michelle also possesses an extremely sexy beauty, so she has received many invitations to become an image representative from the Poker media. This charming girl is the exclusive cover model of major magazines such as Ocean View, Rounder, etc.

It can be said that owning many careers in the entertainment field helps her to build a wide relationship with many advantages that few people know about. This is also the reason why this female player is not only famous in the American poker world for his high level of playing cards but also for the great power.

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