On June 9, the Philippines held the final of Miss Bb Pilipinas, selected 6 beauties from 40 contestants to compete at international competitions such as Miss Universe or Miss International. According to SCMP, the atmosphere inside the Araneta Gymnasium – the place where the event took place – is as intense and intense as boxing matches. Each contestant has a cheerleading team with banners and flags.

According to Missosology, since 2013, when Mutya Johana Datul was crowned Miss Super Nation, the Philippines seemed to be entering a molting and taking the top spot in the top five competitions: Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, Miss Earth, Miss Supranational. Ms. Nathalie Africa-Verceles, Director of Women’s Organization and Head of Department of Gender Studies at the University of the Philippines, said the historical factor made Filipinos love beauty pageants.

“After the period of domination by Spain (16th to 19th century), we received religious beliefs from the Kito religion and had Santacruzan holidays. The ceremony was held in May every year with activities. The main event is the parade of beautiful young girls throughout the provinces of the Philippines, this could be the source for people to enjoy watching catwalk girls, performing in many beauty contests, “Nathalie Africa- Verceles speaks on SCMP.

The Philippines held its first beauty contest in 1908, a decade after escaping from Spain’s domination. Competitions take place at the fair, selecting winners based on votes from wealthy merchants in the region. In 1926, the first national competition called Miss Philippines was held. In 1964, Stella Araneta founded Bb. Pilipinas, becoming a domestic company connecting beauty competitions around the world.

In 1969, Bb. Pilipinas merged with Miss Philippines, becoming a contest of contestants for Miss Universe and Miss International. Currently, the organization also selects candidates for Miss Intercontinental, Miss International Peace, Miss Global and Miss Super Nation. The other two major competitions are Miss Earth Philippines and Miss World Philippines, which were born in 2001 and 2011 respectively.

Louise Maneja, a casino owner in Pampanga province (Philippines), said that when Catriona Gray crowned Miss Universe 2018, the Misses became the pride of the Filipinos. “Like the boxer Manny Pacquiao versus the ‘Single girl beat’ Floyd Mayweather in the 2015 boxing match. The whole country will be watching beauty contests. It’s a great opportunity for investors.” Mr. Maneja said.

Rodgil Flores (52) is a famous beauty coach, has 23 years of career. In 1996, he founded the center of Kagandahang Flores with the slogan: “For the crown, for the country”. Kagandahang Flores is one of the largest beauty training “kilns” in the Philippines, training about 250 to 300 girls every year. 17 of 40 Bb Pilipinas candidates this year joined Rodgil’s center. He told SCMP: “Crowning will certainly change your life. In the Philippines, Miss is worshiped. You will forever be remembered as a beauty queen.”

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