When a crown is placed on top of a beautiful woman, most audiences seem tend to think for her future: becoming an actress, model, TV host, or getting married with a billionaire. and retired to live as a wife. In fact, most of Queens are going the same way.

But that was not the first purpose when people erected a symbol of modern women. Take a look at the missions of Miss Universe or Miss World. They have to go around the world, participate in social projects, become ambassadors for charity campaigns, promote the fight against disease.

Oxana Fedorova, for instance, who was crowned Miss Universe in 2002, had to return her crown and not even be recognized as a former beauty queen after refusing to complete propaganda missions against HIV / AIDS by the organization entrusted.

Irene Saez is the farthest away. Despite failing to become Venezuelan president, the Miss Universe in 1981 changed the lives of many. Beauty is used for great purposes: in 1992, she won the Chacao suburb of Venezuela, and then changed the face of the city. The first is the recruitment of more qualified police, high salaries, more facilities. She save lives of many people out of poverty.

It is “Beauty with purpose“. Misses are chosen properly not only because they are beautiful. But they also have the duty to use that beauty for more meaning than contemplation and coveted men. A gentle smile will be used to dispel the frustration of the sick. Soft hands will have to be used to caress the pain of the elderly alone. Clear voice to propagate social projects. Holy eyes to persuade billionaires to donate money.

In general, Miss Universe’s destiny is not to take the big man but to serve the society by doing extraordinary things. But if you look at the Miss Universe that many of our country’s most innocent contests are setting up, then the most original and pure meaning of the word is being distorted.

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