3. The Anna Edit

Anna Newton created The Anna Edit (other name Vivianna Does Makeup), to document her love of beauty.

Venturing into the online world of fashion, lifestyle, and interior design, it was beauty that truly influenced her; motivating her to create her blog and YouTube channel.

Up to now, Anna remains one of the most standing out beauty bloggers online. From quick and simple five-minute makeup routines to packing up your skincare routine for a trip, Anna shares everything and discusses some of the best beauty investments that she has made. If you need simple, classic and no-nonsense beauty advice, Anna is the girl of your choice.

4. British Beauty Blogger

After starting her career as a writer in the industry of the print and digital media, Jane Cunningham traded newspapers for blog posts and created British Beauty Blogger.

With years of experience in both media and beauty industry, Jane has a wide knowledge that makes her become the perfect beauty blogger. Her website is the ultimate destination in terms of all things related to makeup and skincare. Jane shares everything, from detailed product reviews and brand overviews to exciting new launches and even dupes.

Jane’s Instagram is also full of artsy product shots as well as useful video demonstrations.

5. Hello October

Suzi Bonaldi is the creator of the blog and YouTube channel Hello October, dedicated to fashion, lifestyle, and beauty.

Suzi creates her blog and her social media channels to share a wide variety of beauty-related content. From sharing her most-used makeup products of the year to organizing her beauty products and setting up day/night skincare routines, Suzi really covers it all.

Suzi also shares the details of her skincare routine and provides her followers with an insight into exactly how she makes up to look so effortlessly gorge and glow.

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