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Has The Standard of Miss World Changed?

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The fact that two black beauties have just won two beauty pageants in the world which are Miss World and Miss Universe has broken the previous beauty standards. Both the new Miss World 2019 (the final took place on December 14 in the UK) and Miss Universe 2019 (the final

Miss World Sports

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Miss World Sports is a side prize of Miss World. The winner of this side prize will be straight into the final night of the biggest beauty tournament on the planet. Miss World Sports was started in 2003. Particularly in 2005 did not choose MissWorld Sports, but only selected continents

10 Most Beautiful Miss World During Decades

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Miss World is one of the oldest beauty contests. It was first held in 1951 by a British advertising company. At first, it was only intended to host the contest once, but by then Miss World was too fond of it, it became the annual contest. The article figures out