In the dry weather of autumn and winter, what annoys you the most is the dry skin. For sports players in this weather, it gets worse. In the summer, you need to find a way to protect your skin from the sun while working out. Learn how to properly care for your skin when playing sports so that sports really bring health and beauty to each person.

Before practicing

When preparing to practice, you should carefully remove your makeup and wash your face with a cleanser. If you do not remove makeup, sweat will blend with cosmetics to penetrate deep into the skin, resulting in skin rashes, birth pimples and dermatitis. After removing the makeup, you should not apply moisturizer because the cream usually contains a lot of oil, will seal the pores and stagnation of the sebaceous glands on the skin, making you very prone to acne. If after bleaching, you see more dry skin, don’t worry. Simply massage your face for 5 minutes, the feeling of dry skin will vanish. When playing sports, oil glands will secrete a lot of oil to make the skin less dry. You should not wear makeup when practicing. If you’re not confident, just use eyebrow pencil and lipstick. It will help your face look fresher. Moreover, when the weather is dry, the skin is easily irritated or scratched when it is affected. You should choose sportswear with soft, breathable, and sweat-soaked fabrics to protect your skin.

While practicing

Exercise is also a way to own a beautiful skin because the increased blood circulation will provide more oxygen to the skin. When playing sports, both hair, face skin and all over your body have a lot of sweat. Don’t be upset about this. You can take advantage of sweating with a soft cotton towel, or use tissue paper or wet paper as well. You should not touch your face. Dirty hands that touch the face will cause acne and skin allergies.

After practicing

When playing sports, increased blood circulation stimulates the oil glands to function, so that your skin becomes softer. When the skin is soft, the osmosis is better, so the skin care products will be better absorbed at normal times. After bathing to cleanse the sweat on the skin, this is the best time for you to use a lotion or a mask. However, the skin is now more sensitive, so you should not use too much skin cosmetics and avoid using cosmetics that can irritate the skin.

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