The smooth white face of the Korean actress is the result of meticulous skin care. What is the secret of beauty of this 38-year-old actress?

Son Ye Jin’s skin care and beauty care has always been a topic of interest to women. At the age of 38, the actress impressed when she always appeared with a smooth white face. She is a bright face for cosmetic brands to choose to be the representative of the product. Continuing to receive many questions about the skin care process, Son Ye Jin once shared directly through an interview.

For this actress, the skin care cycle depends on each person. Each individual will have a different routine and activity schedule. Therefore, this also leads to them being exposed to different environments.

The most important advice of the female lead of Crash Landing On You is to keep drinking enough water. She thinks this is a habit anyone can do. In addition, ensuring the quality of sleep should be noted.

However, to own a smooth white skin as currently, the two habits are not enough for the actress. 38-year-old beauty has a skin care process different from the majority. She often diligently cleanses her face twice a day both morning and evening. Ever since she knew she was an oily skin type, Son Ye Jin paid much attention to cleansing.

In the morning, the actress often combines two types of masks. The upper half is a product to help whiten the skin. Below is a class to relax and detox effect. After finishing the masking process, she used more serum extracted from rose.

Son Ye Jin realized that this masking method saved her time in the middle of a busy schedule. After working hard, 8X received many compliments from the staff for their smooth skin. In addition, the actress also advised to apply sunscreen before going out. She sees this as a protective layer for the skin when exposed to the sun and fine dust in Korea.

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