Beauty, for Hermès, is not just on the surface but a deep sense of happiness.

Who else knows more about color than Hermès? When in shades data they store up to 75,000 shades throughout the brand’s 183 years of creation. Therefore, when Hermès announced that it was going to hit the cosmetics scene, beauty believers and even those with little interest in makeup were also interested: what the brand with the image of a chariot would do to introduce and broadcast. Develop a new dimension in the journey to fully experience the beautiful life of Hermès style?

Hermès, contrary to the opinion of many, does not honor the extravagant arrogance. They care about the beauty of life, the private experience that enriches an individual’s life, brings happiness and drives dreams. Beauty, for Hermès, is not just on the surface but a deep sense of happiness. And lipstick is an extended story: how to make an object both aesthetic and handy, a close companion and also a beautiful dream.

When it comes to the three aspects of a lipstick: color, texture and design, Hermès is the latecomer but holds all the secrets to perfection. Hermès considered color as a passion without reason, they were also artists who felt and created the softest, most tactile materials.
In terms of design, the minimalism and timeless elegance with accents are the spirit of the classic leather bag designs and this is also reflected in lipstick design. Pierre Hardy, Jewelry and Shoe Creative Director designed the lipstick case, while Bali Barret, Silk Arts Director brings femininity and color, Jérôme Touron, Creative Director of Hermès Beauty Transfer all of the above spirit into cosmetic collection. And finally, Christine Nagel, who stood at the forefront at Hermès for Scent, added fragrance to the familiar H-shaped lipsticks. Rouge Hermès, is the next member of the Hermès family with roots in culture, heritage and community.

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