Every little girl has played with a crown, have imagined wearing a crown, had been told she is a princess and as she grows up dreamt of being crowned. Part of the blame has to go to the fairy tales passed on from one generation to the next, its where little girls get to meet the Queen of Hearts, Snow White, and Cinderella, and it is where the thought of wearing a crown first originates.

In real life you have two options to wear a crown, marry a handsome prince or win a beauty pageant, of which the last is the more practical options in most cases. So, if you are the beauty searching for the basics to take the right step towards pageantry, we got the basics from a few previous winners.

Life Before Entering

Yes, there is a pre-life to beauty pageants, this period reaches from the day you seriously decided to one day enter up to the day you do enter. Some call it the preparation time. It involves getting your body into perfect shape, building up your general knowledge, entering smaller beauty contests and building confidence. One tip all previous winner’s agree on sharing: While it is key to build up confides it is equally important to understand the fine line between acknowledging your beauty and boasting, the latter is unpleasant and after all beauty pageantry is about pleasing the others (audience and judges).

Body as Good as It Get’s

The best way to have a body as close to perfect as it can be is to call in the advice of a professional trainer. Bodybuilders partaking in competitions of their own know how much it takes to work-out constantly and at the same time, they know how tuff competitions can be. Apart from exercising it is also a great time to change your lifestyle for the better, since once you wear that crown, you have to remain in shape at all cost, you’ll be famous and photographed wherever you go.

Know What is Happening in the World Around You

The pageant itself is not only about beauty, but almost half of it is also based on personality and basic knowledge. The judges are looking for someone that has a good general knowledge about world events. A great way to get familiar with what to work is, is by going through questions asked at previous pageants. While staying in touch with worldly events, also talk loud in front of a mirror, work on your facial expressions and when out with friends pay attention to how people react to specific words, make the power words that get others to smile part of your daily vocabulary. It is only the start of the long road you need to walk towards the crown, but a good one to follow as every day is one day closer to it, once you’ve made up your mind, Queen.

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