Miss World Sports is a side prize of Miss World. The winner of this side prize will be straight into the final night of the biggest beauty tournament on the planet. Miss World Sports was started in 2003. Particularly in 2005 did not choose MissWorld Sports, but only selected continents with the highest sports performance. But by 2006, the Miss World Sports was back.

Miss World Sports usually has the participation of dozens of countries and territories such as Armenia, Belarus, Hungary, Macedonia, Sweden, Russia, Korea, Germany, Mongolia, etc., The final round of the competition usually takes place in 10 days with the criterion that candidates must have a passion for sports and the ability to play a sport well. Candidates can be either professional athletes or members of the national Olympic team and necessarily have to win the beauty prize in the country.

In the framework of Miss World Sports, beautiful people will have to attend the sports competition. Take 2014 Miss World Sports as a typical example. The girls had to “fight” in the individual competitions. And finally, the winner of the gold medal was Krista Haapalainen, Miss Netherlands. She did not win the individual competitions but maintained a consistent performance throughout the race so she received the highest score. Silver and bronze medals, respectively, belonged to Hungary and South Africa.

In the Miss World Sports final, the beauties will be divided into four teams: Blue team, Yellow team, Red team and Green team. Girls must show their beauty, athletic spirit and endurance. Contestants in the competition must take part in the sports and evening wear rounds of world-famous designers, sports-related to women such as aerobic, modern dance, etc. The competition criteria set out candidates from countries who are passionate about sports and know how to play a sport. In addition, professional athletes or members of the national Olympic team can also take part in.

The judges who are prestigious members of the Olympic Games will select 3 contestants with healthy, dynamic beauty, team spirit and love for sports.

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