They are Miss and runner-up has many scandals.

Kim Sae Yeon

Kim Sae Yeon (20 years old) crowned Miss Korea on July 11 last. The audience initially gave a positive assessment of her beauty, but later, Korean media reported that she was the daughter of Kim Chang Hwan – director of Media Line entertainment. Mr. Kim is accused of mistreating the juvenile group The East Light. This is a shocking Korean case in late 2018.

According to News1, Kim Chang Hwan was sentenced to eight months in prison but was given a two-year suspended sentence, at the trial at the beginning of the month. His father’s reputation made Kim Sae Yeon turn away from many Koreans. Some spectators doubted she was awarded with her father’s status in the entertainment industry.

Han Sung Joo

In late 2011, Miss Korea 1995 – Han Sung Joo – was released by an ex-boyfriend named Christopher Hsu (American nationality). Next, this man sent an email to the press, accusing Sung Joo of being a high-class girl for many powerful giants, including a man 20 years older than her. Han Sung Joo sued his ex-boyfriend to violate his life. This scandal caused her to withdraw from the entertainment industry.

Oh Hyun Kyung

Miss 1989 was once released by an ex-boyfriend of 28 minutes of sex video. According to Chosun, the sex video was shot by Oh Hyun Kyung’s old love. Because of the noisy life, Oh Hyun Kyung left Korea to live in the United States for three years. She used to confess that period of suffering, shame and homesickness, miss jobs. In an SBS program, she said that she had to live in hell because the mistake was not made by herself. From the mid-2000s, Oh Hyun Kyung re-exported Korean screens to many dramas.

Sung Hyun Ah

In 2014 and 2015, Hyun Ah repeatedly went to court for alleged prostitution. According to the survey results, in 2010, she traded three times with an entrepreneur and received 50 million won from him. During the August 2014 trial, the actress was fined two million won for prostitution. After nearly two years of appeal, Sung Hyun Ah was declared innocent in 2016.

One year after the end of the case, Sung Hyun Ah continued to face the incident of private life when her husband, businessman Choi – committed suicide. Before finding death, he was investigated for embezzlement. Sung Hyun Ah and Mr. Choi married in 2010, having a child. Korean runner-up 1994 returned to film from 2018.

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