Honey Lee is the only Korean beauty who has so far won the runner-up award at the Miss Universe international beauty pageant.
In 2006, Honey Lee surpassed many other beauties to become Miss Korea 2006. Soon after, long legs were born in 1983 to represent Korea to participate in the Miss Universe 2007 beauty contest. Glory came to Honey Lee when she won the runner-up award at this competition. That same year, she won the Miss Grand Slam – Miss Miss Miss – announced by Global Beauties. According to Newsen, Honey Lee is the best-performing beauty in Korean history in the international beauty arena.

On October 4, Honey Lee appeared prominently on the 23rd Busan International Film Festival red carpet. At 35, she was a familiar face on screen. The beauty still maintains the youthful features like the image nearly 10 years ago.
Not only beautiful, sexy, Honey Lee is also a symbol of knowledge for generations of juniors. Over the past few years, no one has overcome the perfect position left by Honey Lee.

Graduated from Seoul National University (Korea’s top university), Honey Lee is the pride of the family. She also holds a doctorate in music. Lee’s Honey Lee grew up with a father who was a senior official of the Korea National Intelligence Bureau. Her mother is a famous Ewha girls school lecturer. She and Kim Tae Hee are two famous beauties of Seoul National University. They all have high IQ and good performance.

At 1.73m and charming, Honey Lee surprised many people by revealing a Taekwondo black belt boxer. After the beauty titles, she pursued her acting career.
Joining Korean entertainment, Honey Lee was continuously invited to participate in movies and TV series such as Parasites, Tazza 2, I am the king, Colleagues, Iron brides, Immortal Masterpieces. The beauty has been recognized, nominated and received MBC Drama Awards, Grand Bell Awards, Green Dragon Awards,…

Honey Lee always insists that she is not in the slender beauty standard today. Whenever she appears in magazines or events, she often chooses sexy clothes. The beautiful people believe that the curves and a certain balance are the factors that create the sexy features of women.

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