A bit of advice for our Beauty Queens

Ok girls so Neil has asked me to put together a few tips for this years competition, things that might help you to get ready for the pageant and during the heats and for those lucky 25 girls, the final!! Basically these are a mixture of things ive learnt over the last 3 years on the pageant circle.
Here goes …


At the end of the day this is whats going to stand out above everything else, you dont need to have the most expensive dress, or the longest hair extensions just being a nice person will get you a lot more points. But the judges can always spot a fake at miss Beauty Queen!!


You’ve got to feel comfortable on stage and be able to talk well in front of a crowd. A pageant isnt the place to hide. Although being confident doesnt mean steeling the lime light.


Some of the nicest girls ive met have been at pageants. Its not all competition, you are able to help each other and be supportive, you’ll have more fun on the day and hopefully make some great friends. This is another judging area girls, so be sincere!!


This is the main thing at pageants. We always want to know what we are going to be judged on. Its been different at every competition. At Miss Beauty Queen there are a lot of areas for judging, which means more chances for you to score points. Some of the areas are below, Neil wouldnt tell me them
all, lol.

*On stage

This is confidence, poise, overall appearance, the way you move and the on stage question, a big points area. The question isnt meant to be a trick one, its most likely to be about you or something you do or have an interest in, so you cant get the answer wrong!! What will get you good points is how you deliver your answer, be confident, avoid “erm”, always look at the judges, smile and take a little pause before you start to speak, it gives you a chance to focus and think about what you are going to say.

*Fun Fashion

Fun fashion shows a bit of your personality through what you are wearing, be creative but dont try to be different just for the sake of it. You get to customise your own tshirt this year, so when your doing it actually think, “would i wear this out?”. If you dont like it the judges probably wont either. It hasnt got to be worthy of a fashion degree, just a little flare of you personality and style.


Pageants girls havent got to be a size zero but over the years i have learnt that health is an important factor. If your unhealthy thats not a good role model, that can mean being too slim aswell as too big. Your natural shape will suit you and as long as you are healthy, able to have fun and bring a bit of energy to the competition you will be fine.

*Evening wear

The princess round. The dress you wear has to be your perfect dress. You need to choose the right colour, style and most importantly fit. If your not comfortable in the dress this is going to show and will defo lose you points. The dress doesnt have to cost a fortune. Ive had some great ones from tk maxx. You just have to feel like the best thing ever when you are in it.

* Back stage

During rehearsals the backstage time is where you can relax, be yourself and ask as many questions as you want. Neil always has a photographer during the day so bring a few spare outfits if you want photos taken, but dont think its your own personal shoot. There might be 25 other girls waiting to have pictures aswell.


Pageants lie when they say appearance isnt important. It is!! Your outfits need to be clean, and crease free. Straps and underwear lines never look good on stage, so be prepared to go bra-less or comando. Theres nothing wrong with extensions girls. Ive heard some funny comments at pageants but hair extensions are the same as having cosmetic enhancements. If you feel more confident with them go for it. It doesnt matter what other contestants think. Thats why they arent the judges!!


Its best to try and have one style of make up that will suit all your outfits. You wont have time to do a full make up change from your fun fashion to evening wear so try and theme the colours of your outfits or go with make up that compliments your hair and skin tones as this will then match any outfits you wear. Dont go too over the top with make up though, the judges still need to see your face, make up should help enhance not hide.

*Sex appeal

For the Miss contestants you can have a bit of sex appeal, but keep your modesty. The judges dont want to know that you cant wear undies with your gown because the split is too high. And too much clevage isnt a good thing. Teens!! … Remember you are our teens, your beauty is alot more natural, enjoy being young and the judges deffinitly dont want to be looking at you thinking you are showing too much flesh!!

Thats about it really. I know some of the things seem pretty obvious but you will be amazed at some of the questions ive been asked over the years!! I hope this helps. Oh and remember at the end o fthe day it is a competition and only one girl can win. So focus on having fun, enjoying being on stage and if you do win it will just be an added bonus!! You can always enter agin next year!! *Sponsorship As for many of you this may be your first pagent and maybe the first time you have been asked to pay sponsorship, remember this does not need to come from a company, it can be paid by yourself or family and freinds but can also be made up from 50% from a sponsor and 50% yourself or made up from 3 sponsors. Another idea is do a fundraiser or a raffle to raise the money. Think outside the box.

See you

Luv ya

Sandra Marie
Miss Beauty Queen 2009