The fact that two black beauties have just won two beauty pageants in the world which are Miss World and Miss Universe has broken the previous beauty standards.

Both the new Miss World 2019 (the final took place on December 14 in the UK) and Miss Universe 2019 (the final took place on December 8 in the US) are not in the predictions of reputable beauty sites and the audience during the journey of 2 contests. However, both beautiful beauties made miracles in the final night. At the same time, their beauty after being crowned also caused many controversies on social networks around the world.

New Miss World 2019 is Toni-Ann Singh (23 years old) from Jamaica. She does not have the outstanding beauty in the contest of more than 110 people this year apart from the impression of the voice soaring as Whitney Houston and won the Talent. The height of Toni-Ann Singh is only 167 cm. However, if watching the competition, the audience will recognize the confident spirit and the shining smile that transmit positive energy. In addition, this beautiful person is very intelligent in the interaction and behavioral responses.

Toni-Ann Singh has just graduated from psychology in the US, and continues to pursue the dream of becoming a psychiatrist and fulfill the responsibilities of a beauty queen. Despite her desire to become a professional singer because of her music training at the age of 9, she wanted to pursue the dream of being a doctor to help people. She once made an impression on her intelligence through motivational sayings for the young people in her hometown when she won the crown of Miss World Jamaica 2019.

Zozibini Tunzi (26 years old) from South Africa also crowned Miss Universe 2019 not by beauty but by intelligence, strong spirit and inspirational sayings. She said that women should love themselves and be confident with what they have. She has always expressed a desire to stop discrimination and violence in her home country.

Looking back at the results of the world’s major beauty contests from 2018 to the present, it can be seen that the standards for the coronation of beauty are gradually changing. The glamorous beautiful faces or the outstanding height have given the girls personality, intelligence, overcome fate to inspire positive living.

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