The Philippines is a famous country in beauty competitions in recent years. Here are the reasons why the beauties from this Southeast Asian country win so many prestigious awards.

The beauties from the Philippines have achieved high rankings at the leading beauty contests in the world. At 5 cult beauty pageants of 2016, the Philippines representative has high rankings. In particular, contestants from the Philippines won the crown of Miss International and won 1st runner-up Miss Grand International.

In addition, the country also has representatives for the top 5 Miss World, top 6 Miss Universe, and reached the Miss Supranational quarterfinals.

In the 2016 beauty race, the Philippines defeated Indonesia, which is a strong opponent. In 2015, the Philippines also won this title. That admirable achievement does not come from temporary luck.

Since 2010, the Philippines has begun to make spectacular conquests in the beauty arena. The beauties of the Philippines have won the highest crown in competitions such as Miss Supranational 2013, Miss World 2013, Miss International 2013 & 2016 and Miss Universe 2015.

In addition, many representatives of the Philippines appeared in the quarterfinals, semi-finals, top beauties and won extra prizes at the famous beauty contest. In 2015, the Philippines used to be the only country in the world to have a beauty ranking in all 5 grand slam beauty contests mentioned above

According to Global Beauties, the Philippines has such admirable achievements because the Filipino beauties have an attractive beauty. In addition, Filipinos love special for beauty contests. Their country has a wonderful preparation for the contestants before coming to the beauty arena. Now, the Philippines is a strong competitor in international beauty contests.

Beauty contests have an important place in the popular cultural life in the Philippines. Throughout the year, competitions take place throughout the island nation, from a small competition at the local level to a large national competition.

In the Philippines, there are many types of beauty contests, Miss beauty, Miss Ladies, Miss transgender, Miss Grandma and more. The love that Filipinos give to beauty contests has begun decades ago.

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