Catriona Gray was deeply moved when she was crowned Miss Universe World 2018, wearing a red dress like the dream of her mother.
Miss Universe – Miss Universe 2010 has just closed with victory belongs to Catriona Gray from the Philippines. This result is considered worthy by Catriona possessing beautiful appearance, smart response and outstanding performance throughout the competition.
Through the most moving moments of the coronation moment, Catriona Gray recently shared her heart and pride on her personal page.

An interesting childhood story is also recounted by the new Miss Universe. When Catriona was 13 years old, her mother dreamed of a daughter later crowned Miss Universe World in a red dress. No doubt 11 years later, her dream came true.
“When I was 13 years old, my mother told me, ‘My dear, I dreamed of you winning the Miss Universe World in a red dress.’ At that time I didn’t think anything, but today my dream was. My mother has come true, “Catriona said.
The family, especially the very supportive mother of Catriona, pursued ambition. At the age of adulthood, the determination of the beauty is higher than ever. She wanted to win the top spot in the international arena and not stop at the success in domestic beauty contests.
In just 2 years, Catriona Gray participated in 4 major pageants: Miss World Philippines 2016, Miss World 2016, Miss Universe 2018, Miss Universe World 2018. Except for entry Catriona, the top 5 Miss World 2016, won the crown in all 3 remaining competitions.

This proves the beauty as well as the mind of Catriona “not medium form”. The Miss Universe World 2018 crown is the key to closing the journey to conquer the highest position on the international beauty of Filipino beauty.
Catriona Gray always shows pride when being carried on the Phlippines ribbon. Although Catriona won the international title, she will always be the Miss Philippines of her homeland

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