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Three female athletes who can inspire your beauty attempts

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During the last century, female athletes have been making an impact. In terms of beauty, it may seem natural to think of professional athletes in a less-than-beautiful state. However, the fact is that many of them have quite to offer from a fashion and beauty standpoint. Here are three female athletes who can inspire your beauty attempts.

Serena Williams

It seems that Serena Williams become more and more impressive year after year. After giving birth to a daughter in the fall of 2017, she came back to professional tennis gradually in 2018 and has already just about back on top. Remaining the most dominant tennis player in the world, she always looks absolutely glorious – either on or off the court. Williams also clearly gets lots of joy out of beauty and fashion, which makes it not hard to find interviews, beauty tips, and recommendations from her.

Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn is an extremely interesting case. Not just because she can finish an Olympic competition looks like she walked off the front page of a fashion magazine. It’s partly due to the nature of her sport as well as her training and lifestyle. Vonn is among the best skiers of the modern era and she has some beauty tips during winter months that are really worth reading if the area you live has a cold weather. Her specific efforts are straightforward: exfoliating, much moisturizing, etc. Reading through it all, you can find that she actually does quite much to keep her skin in good condition with such cold, dry weather she experiences.

Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan is one of the world’s best female soccer players and an extremely accomplished one at that. She’s also famous for her beauty and fitness. If you read up on her beauty tips and tricks, you will find that she does it all with a straightforward routine. Morgan just talks about simple things such as the regularity of manicures and things like that.

Gentle exercise helps you avoid fatigue

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Your body will easily feel tired when having to sit in a workplace for a long time. Gentle exercise not only helps you relax, but also strengthens the body.

The harm of sitting for too long can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and even increase your risk of death. When doing light exercise, you will get the following health benefits:

Promote mental health
Increase concentration
Adjust posture, help bone health
Protect the spine, reduce body aches
Increases flexibility and enhances muscle strength
Increase the quality of life and work efficiency
Increases blood flow, increases heart rate and boosts the immune system
The gentle exercise below is suitable for you to exercise in the evening after a tired and stressful working day.

  1. Gentle exercise for the neck
    Doing gentle exercises on the neck will help strengthen the spine from the back to your neck to increase strength and flexibility, support the treatment of sciatica and asthma. This is also considered yoga exercises for people with cervical degeneration.

To practice this position, follow these steps:

  • Get into position with your hands and feet on the floor like the four sides of a table.
  • Slowly raise your knees and push your butt up, neck relaxed, eyes looking at the floor, arms stretched out so that the head parallel to the arms and legs straighten. At this point your body will form an inverted V-shape.
  • Squeeze your stomach, straighten your back, raise your hips as high as you can, eyes on the floor.
  • Slowly move your hand up to your shoulder level, resting your palms on the floor. Then, bend your elbows, bring your body into a plank position, then lower your body, the elbows are next to your body.
  • You breathe in, slowly raising the chest, shoulders, chin, neck up with your hands, hands straight and extending shoulders. Your neck will be stretched and your eyes will be facing the ceiling. Your thighs and stomach will be tightened on the floor.
  • Maintain normal breathing for about 5 breaths, exhale and return to V position.
  • 2. Gentle exercise for the shoulders
    Effective neck and neck pain training is a simple exercise to help you relax your neck, shoulders, back, arms for relief after a long day of sitting and working. This exercise also helps you reduce the tension in the muscles in the shoulders, upper body and lower back.

You perform this exercise according to the following instructions:

  • First, sit up straight on the carpet, your hands on your hips, legs outstretched.
  • Then, bend your left knee and place your foot outside the right hip so that the inner thigh gradually towards the right chest. The left foot will now be outside the right thigh.
  • Next, you inhale, stretch, raise your right arm high, twisted to the left. The right hand will hold the left knee so that the hand is placed on the hip of the pelvis, the left hand is on the back. Head and eyes will go in the direction of people.
  • You breathe steadily for 3 breaths, try to sit up straight, extend shoulders, chest and upper back.
  • Finally, raise your hands up high again, exhale, bring your body back to its original position and switch sides.
  • 3. Arm relaxation exercise
    Gentle arm exercises are a great way to reduce joint pain and provide good support for people with carpal tunnel syndrome with pain in the hands and wrists. This position helps you stretch from the arm to the fingers, helping the whole arm relax.

Miss World Sports

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Miss World Sports is a side prize of Miss World. The winner of this side prize will be straight into the final night of the biggest beauty tournament on the planet. Miss World Sports was started in 2003. Particularly in 2005 did not choose MissWorld Sports, but only selected continents with the highest sports performance. But by 2006, the Miss World Sports was back.

Miss World Sports usually has the participation of dozens of countries and territories such as Armenia, Belarus, Hungary, Macedonia, Sweden, Russia, Korea, Germany, Mongolia, etc., The final round of the competition usually takes place in 10 days with the criterion that candidates must have a passion for sports and the ability to play a sport well. Candidates can be either professional athletes or members of the national Olympic team and necessarily have to win the beauty prize in the country.

In the framework of Miss World Sports, beautiful people will have to attend the sports competition. Take 2014 Miss World Sports as a typical example. The girls had to “fight” in the individual competitions. And finally, the winner of the gold medal was Krista Haapalainen, Miss Netherlands. She did not win the individual competitions but maintained a consistent performance throughout the race so she received the highest score. Silver and bronze medals, respectively, belonged to Hungary and South Africa.

In the Miss World Sports final, the beauties will be divided into four teams: Blue team, Yellow team, Red team and Green team. Girls must show their beauty, athletic spirit and endurance. Contestants in the competition must take part in the sports and evening wear rounds of world-famous designers, sports-related to women such as aerobic, modern dance, etc. The competition criteria set out candidates from countries who are passionate about sports and know how to play a sport. In addition, professional athletes or members of the national Olympic team can also take part in.

The judges who are prestigious members of the Olympic Games will select 3 contestants with healthy, dynamic beauty, team spirit and love for sports.

Best Sports to Keep Fit

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Which sport has the most weight loss effect? Which subject can work out gently and get good results? Compare and choose a sport that suits you!

Swimming: The best sport if you want to lose weight

Effect: Burns 800 calories per hour. Swimming is considered to be the most effective sport for weight loss. When you swim, all your muscles work. Therefore,it helps you burn a large amount of excess calories.


Effectiveness: Burning 800 calories per hour. Step-Aerobic is an aerobic sport combined with a dance platform. Step-Aerobic will help you burn more calories than traditional Aerobic exercises up to 30% – 50%, depending on the rhythm of the steps, the height of the podium and the duration of an exercise.

Most of the exercises in Step-Aerobic exercise focus on areas such as hips, stomach and buttocks, and, in addition to health benefits, Step-Areobic also helps to slim down the body. excess fat and has a pronounced weight loss effect. Step-Aerobic exercises are often diverse and plentiful. Coaches can combine dance steps to create a new exercise. The playful, vibrant rhythm of Step-Aerobic exercise will also help you relieve stress and give you a better cardiovascular system.

Basically, Step still maintains the general principles of a pure aerobic exercise but the body releases a greater amount of energy under the effect of stepping up and down on the platform. The height of the podium is also an important factor determining the content and expected results of the exercise.

Dance: Fun sport to lose weight

Effectiveness: Burning 600-800 calories per hour. This sport is very interesting and has an impact on your whole body. In addition to the effect of weight loss, we certainly all feel interesting with this sport. If you’re home alone, turn on the music and be able to dance. Not only will this help you burn calories, it is also a great stress reliever. However, you should conduct it at least 1 hour at a time to achieve the desired effect. The most effective dances are Zumba, hiphop, belly dance, samba, salsa, etc.

5 most beautiful Serbian female athletes

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They may be a success of their sports. Their personalities will attraction you and their smiles will captivate you. Those Serbian beauties are called strong, a success and delightful girls. We give the 5 most stunning woman athletes from Serbia!

  1. Ana Ivanović (Tennis)
    This young woman from Belgrade now not handiest contains the title of the most stunning Serbian tennis player however of the most lovely tennis player inside the world. Ana Ivanović has been proclaimed the maximum beautiful girl tennis player for multiple years now, and in line with many, the beautiful Serbian athlete “has gained both tennis fits and the hearts of male fans”.
    Ana Ivanović become born at the November 6, 1987 inside the Serbian capital. Loving and searching up to Monika Seleš, she picked up the tennis racket for the primary time on the age of 5. that is when her tennis profession started, and she has, considering the fact that then, claimed WTA titles and one Grand Slam name – Roland Garros. Her maximum international ranking become 1st location which she held for 12 weeks.
  2. Ivana Španović (Athletics)
    The fine lady athlete in Serbia, within the Balkans and in Europe is likewise one of the most stunning ones. with her expertise, splendor and recognizable smile, Ivana Španović managed to win now not best numerous medals but to win over many male admirers.
    This captivating athlete was born on might also 10, 1990 in Zrenjanin. Like her mother, Ivana commenced training athletics while she became seven. The young Serbian splendor “owns” many awards and medals, and one among them is the identify of the most lovely contestant of the 2008 Olympics.
    3. Ivana Maksimović
    Many deem this well-known athlete, Serbia’s representative in sports capturing, to be one of the maximum charismatic Serbian girl athletes. these are all of the trends of the younger, successful and usually smiling Ivana Maksimović.
    Ivana changed into born on may 2, 1990 in Belgrade, and started out education sports activities capturing in 2002. She won awards in lots of european and global competitions, and participated in the summer season Olympics of 2012 wherein she won the silver medal.
    4. Milica Mandić (Taekwondo)
    Milica’s one woman you don’t need to mess with! even though she’s stunning and looks gentle and fragile, this younger athlete is an Olympic taekwondo champion! The stunning Serbian consultant won the gold medal on the 2012 Olympics turning into the first gold medalist for independent Serbia.
    Milica become born on December 6, 1991 in Belgrade. She gained severa awards and medals, and the Olympic Committee of Serbia named the first-class athlete of 2012.
    5. Ivana Nešović (Volleyball)
    Being called one of the maximum lovely and most fascinating Serbian women, Ivana Nešović is a woman volleyball player from Serbia presently gambling as an opposite for the Greek club Olympiacos and the Serbian girls’s country wide volleyball crew. Even though the sports she performs calls for a man’s energy and an competitive attitude, Ivana remained difficult on the courtroom however female in her personal existence.