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The Most Famous Beauty Bloggers You Should Follow Right Now (part 4)

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Amelia Liana

A list of the most famous beauty influencers in the world can’t be completed without mentioning Amelia Liana.

With a huge amount of global audience following her self-titled blog and YouTube channel, Amelia Liana shares a range of valuable beauty-related content, including her favorite beauty bargains on occasions like Black Friday and festive gift guides at the same time showing off her flawless skin. She always exactly demonstrates how she achieves her perfect look.

Moreover, Amelia also usually shares her favorite picks from well-known brands like Kiehl’s and shows her seasonal beauty essentials. All of this has helped Amelia to have huge success within the beauty industry and work with some of the world’s most famous brands.

Gemma Louise

Maybe most of us have heard of Gemma Louise since she has been floating around social media for a quite long time up to now.

Widely known for her work as a beauty blogger and photographer, Gemma has gained more and more fame and become a more and more popular beauty guru as building an incredibly supportive community. In addition to sharing lifestyle and parenting content, Gemma also posts about all things related to beauty – from seasonal makeup looks and skincare routines to Christmas gift guides.

Gemma is continuing to cooperate with some of the most famous names in the beauty industry, which helps her to be on the very top.

Hannah Gale

Hannah Gale is a famous UK lifestyle and beauty blogger. Having got her website domain since her young days, Hannah wanted to create content for herself and her own site as for others. So, she headed to the world of blogging and hasn’t looked back ever since.

In addition to posting about lifestyle and sometimes parenting, Hannah also shares her love for all things related to beauty, including skincare, makeup, and anything in between. From writing first impression posts, sharing the deets on her current skincare routine, filming beauty hauls, to discussing her favorite products of the year, her blog and social channels are a one-stop-shop for all your beauty needs.

The Most Famous Beauty Bloggers You Should Follow Right Now (part 3)

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The Anna Edit

Anna Newton, one of the OG beauty bloggers, created The Anna Edit (also known as Vivianna Does Makeup), to show and save her love of beauty.

Venturing into the online world of fashion, lifestyle, and interior design, it was beauty that truly stole her heart and led her to create her blog and YouTube channel.

During the last decade, Anna has always been one of the most-sought after beauty bloggers out there. From quick and simple five-minute makeup routines to tips to pack up skincare routine for a trip, she shares everything and discusses the best beauty investments she has made. If you need classic, simple, and no-nonsense beauty advice, Anna is the perfect option.

Beth Sandland

Famous for her standout photography skills displayed across social media, Beth Sandland has also become one of the most favorite beauty influencers on the internet.

Beth takes to her self-titled blog, Beth Sandland, to share her love of makeup and skincare as well as discuss about her current makeup favorites along with product reviews. She also shows her experiences of various beauty and skincare treatments such as microblading and microdermabrasion.

Sharing stunning shots and flat-lays of products, her Instagram has been one to swoon over and will soon have you fill up your online shopping bag of good beauty products.

Jodie Melissa

After experimenting with some different beauty blogs when she was teen, Jodie Melissa decided to become a fully-fledged beauty blogger, and has become an extremely good one at that!

With informative content on her self-titled blog and Instagram feed, Jodie keeps growing her loyal following and becomes one of the most famous beauty bloggers online. She shares detailed reviews of beauty products and treatments, seasonal makeup picks, and shows off her impressive makeup collection, which all together make Jodie and her brand become relatable and authentic.

The Most Famous Beauty Bloggers You Should Follow Right Now (part 2)

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3. The Anna Edit

Anna Newton created The Anna Edit (other name Vivianna Does Makeup), to document her love of beauty.

Venturing into the online world of fashion, lifestyle, and interior design, it was beauty that truly influenced her; motivating her to create her blog and YouTube channel.

Up to now, Anna remains one of the most standing out beauty bloggers online. From quick and simple five-minute makeup routines to packing up your skincare routine for a trip, Anna shares everything and discusses some of the best beauty investments that she has made. If you need simple, classic and no-nonsense beauty advice, Anna is the girl of your choice.

4. British Beauty Blogger

After starting her career as a writer in the industry of the print and digital media, Jane Cunningham traded newspapers for blog posts and created British Beauty Blogger.

With years of experience in both media and beauty industry, Jane has a wide knowledge that makes her become the perfect beauty blogger. Her website is the ultimate destination in terms of all things related to makeup and skincare. Jane shares everything, from detailed product reviews and brand overviews to exciting new launches and even dupes.

Jane’s Instagram is also full of artsy product shots as well as useful video demonstrations.

5. Hello October

Suzi Bonaldi is the creator of the blog and YouTube channel Hello October, dedicated to fashion, lifestyle, and beauty.

Suzi creates her blog and her social media channels to share a wide variety of beauty-related content. From sharing her most-used makeup products of the year to organizing her beauty products and setting up day/night skincare routines, Suzi really covers it all.

Suzi also shares the details of her skincare routine and provides her followers with an insight into exactly how she makes up to look so effortlessly gorge and glow.

The Most Famous Beauty Bloggers You Should Follow Right Now (part 1)

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The beauty industry is so overwhelming, especially for those who are new to the world of skincare and makeup. With so many products and beauty bloggers sharing their must-have beauty items, things have been made a little bit easier. Here is a list of the most famous beauty bloggers around the world that you should follow right now to have good advice and informative product reviews.

1. Caroline Hirons

Our list can’t be completed without Caroline Hirons taking the top spot.

Caroline Hirons is one of the leading skincare and beauty bloggers in the UK with so many reasons. She is widely-known as a qualified aesthetician, facialist and brand consultant, knowing all there is to know about skincare. With a blog and YouTube channel dedicated to providing all of the skincare information that both men and women around the world will ever need, Caroline shares AM and PM routines, product reviews, as well as well-informed brand overviews.

Moreover, Caroline has also released her own book which can be described as a skincare bible. Also famous within celebrity circles, Queen C often features on This Morning to show viewers exactly how to up their skincare game. If you want to get a skincare query, you’ll be able to find the answer on the Queen’s blog and social channels.

2. The Sunday Girl

Run by Adrienne Söndag, The Sunday Girl is a website dedicated to all things related to beauty.

The blog has been running for almost a decade with some changes. But Adrienne’s love for makeup and skincare always remains the same.

With beautifully directed pictures of beauty products, the blog is a great destination for informative and aesthetically pleasing content. In addition to sharing detailed product reviews and discussing amazing new makeup launches, Adrienne also shares beauty tips, tricks, and hacks with her loyal fanbase.

Top beauty Korean bloggers you should follow

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If you are a lover of beauty and makeup trends from Korea, you must definitely follow the beauty bloggers so you don’t miss the latest information from the beauty powerhouse in Asia.

Beyond Europe and America, now when it comes to Korea, people will think of the country that leads in beauty. Most of the latest beauty trends and makeup products come from Korea, not the US or other countries. And with new beauty news and products being released all the time, beauty followers need someone who can help update the information and no one else can do it more perfectly than beauty bloggers.

Unlike beauty bloggers in Europe or America, Korean beauty bloggers often update and introduce the latest beauty and makeup trends and often these makeup styles are close and suitable for Asians. Rather than stylish makeup from Europe and America.

Here are the top famous beauty bloggers in the Korean beauty community that you should follow.

    Her real name is Jen Kim, a Korean born in Australia who owns a YouTube beauty page with nearly 370,000 followers. If you want to find information about a beauty product in Korea, immediately visit Meejmuse’s Youtube page as she diligently reviews the latest products. You can also find interesting information about Korea in the videos that Meejmuse introduces. Do not worry about the language barrier because in videoclips, Meejmuse share in English.
    Do you love Korean style makeup and always want to try the latest makeup styles from Kpop actors or stars? So Lamuqe’s YouTube page is definitely for you. There is a reason why she owns more than 562,000 subscribers who follow her with makeup tutorials. The only drawback is that Lamuqe only speaks Korean but recently she started making English subtitles for her clips. A plus point is not it?
    Although Jungsaeemmool is a famous makeup artist in Korea, her Youtube page is a little different from the others when she is not young and beautiful, but it is the simple makeup tutorial videos and share useful tips that make this a Youtube site you cannot ignore.
    So Young’s beauty room will lead followers into a variety of beauty spaces when she combines makeup products from Korea, France and the United States for her makeup clips and So Young also reviews the products. Beauty from Europe as well as Korea to give people a broader view of beauty.
    Adding another beauty blogger on the list is not just focusing on Korean beauty products. Dayeong shares makeup tutorials by combining products from France, USA and Korea. She also gave honest reviews about what she liked and what she didn’t like about a product. The only drawback is that only some videos have English subtitles.

The female lead ‘Anna’ is a Moscow model

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The beautiful Sasha Luss is being sought after by the media when she takes the role of the female lead Anna in the movie of the same name.

Anna is the latest film project of action movie master Luc Besson. Although not appreciated on the content, the fight phase created a sense of voyeurism of the female lead Sasha Luss has conquered the fastidious audience. Luss’s character is a beautiful young girl, but has a miserable life. Later, she was organized KGB training into professional assassins.

Sasha Luss was born in 1992, is a famous Russian model with an impressive face, elegance typical of Russian women. Possessing a height of 1.78 m and charismatic charm, Luss received many fashion show invitations. The fashion world is also familiar with the image of Luss in the advertising campaigns of Chanel, Dior, Valentino …

Female models often take photos posing sexy with open clothes. According to sharing, the day Luss had no intention of modeling, she spent much time learning to dance and write. But after an ankle injury accident, the 27-year-old long leg decided to look to the catwalk halo.

Beautiful people are not afraid to completely open their bodies in the photos. Each experiment through many different makeup and hair styles, such as the classic curly hair trend of the ladies of the last century, to the way to mess up the bangs, creates a ghostly and reckless feeling. However, Luss is still considered the most suitable for luxurious shaping.

Image of long legs 1.78 m high shades of cold on the runway floor. In an interview, she shared with the modeling industry when she was 13 years old, after her mother took her to a modeling agency in Moscow to sign a contract.

In the field of acting, Luss, although a cross-type actor, has not been trained but she has made continuous efforts. In 2017, Luss became known as Princess Lihö-Minaa in the movie Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. And recently, when starring Anna in the project of the same name, she received the attention of critics and audiences.

Considered a “new person” in the field of acting, but Luss has set a goal for himself. She once shared that she dreamed of winning an Oscar someday. Regarding the reason for trying in the 7th art, Sasha Luss wants to escape the label “mobile vase” and asserted that a model can also break through acting.

Fans rated that the heroine Anna has great ambition and always tries to achieve her dreams. Before Luss, many famous models also made an impression when they encroached on film, including supermodel Cara Delevingne.

The elegant, attractive beauty of Sasha Luss with light makeup. Her face is praised for being beautiful, different because of the high ratio of her eyes, high cheekbones and thin lips. With this beauty, she easily transforms on the stage and when acting.

Alexina Graham – Angel Beauty of England

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When Victoria’s Secret’s “angel” dream calls for Alexina Graham, Google and Instagram immediately flood the image and style of perfect beauty of the misty beauty.

Although she always appears young and sexy, Victoria’s Secret‘s new “angel” has turned 29 years. Few people know the secret to keeping her youthful features from her advice. “My grandmother once said that I had to start using anti-wrinkle cream at age 25”.

Want to look so young, hair springs need to be cared for. Red hair became a trademark of Alexina Graham but her hair was always dry and worsened during fashion weeks. Her hair care tips are simply applying a mixture of butter and chicken eggs to her hair, wrapping them with food wrap and going to bed. Your hair will shine better the morning after you have washed it thoroughly with water.

Born in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, Alexina Graham could not ignore the habit of drinking tea every day of the British. A glass of warm lemon or hot lemon tea is part of every morning’s health care cycle. “If you feel sad, try a cup of tea”, that’s advice from Alexina. The beauty of the UK shared that she always tried to maintain the living habit despite the busy schedule: eating science, drinking lots of water and getting enough sleep.

As a model, Alexina Graham always wears a lot of makeup. That’s why she always starts “evening” skin care rituals with makeup remover and mild cleanser. First she uses a cotton swab of makeup remover to completely remove eye makeup and then wash her face with a brush. When the skin is completely clean, she masks the hyaluronic acid and mask for lips for 15 minutes.

Especially love boxing, she try to practice at least four times a week or an hour a day. Beauty people like to exercise in the morning and also have a personal boxing coach for themselves.

5 beauty Japanese bloggers you should follow today

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The Japanese have a view of beauty as “wabi-sabi” (imperfect). The meaning of this point of view is that people are born with no-perfect capital! Therefore, each person must always be aware of trying to overcome the shortcomings and strive to become “the best version of himself”. This view of the Japanese people is most evident in the beauty field. It will be hard for you to see a Japanese girl with an inferior appearance. Because the girls always know how to make themselves as beautiful as possible!

If you are feeling too familiar and boring to the Korean, Chinese or European American beauty world. Then right now you should try stepping into the beauty world of the beauty Japanese blogger.

If you are just starting to enter the beauty world of Japan then Rinrin Doll is the first youtube channel you should explore. Rinrin is of Japanese origin but was born and raised in Los Angeles so her English is quite good. This is one of the few beauty bloggers in Japan who speak English. Rinrin is a model that represents the street fashion style of Japanese youth. She often makes videos that update the latest fashion and style trends. In addition, Rinrin worked hard to make makeup tutorial videos from simple to professional. You will easily find Rinrin’s genuine product reviews including premium brands like M.A.C to popular brands like Maybeline.

Can say the youtube channel of Kumamiki variety of colors with hundreds of different new topics! From makeup, product experience, skin care to DIY videos, travel, psychological counseling. Kumamiki may not be a beauty blogger in Japan to bring you breakthroughs. But surely Kumamiki will convey new positive energy to you. Coming to the color world of Kumamiki you will find life more loving, more relaxing after tired working hours. Especially Kumamiki also has a very cute dog named Moja, who often appears with her in vlogs. It’s fun because Kumamiki recently created a second youtube channel using English for international viewers to follow.

Beauty blogger Japan – Fukuse Yuuri is named “Glam Make-up Look Queen”. She is one of the few beauty bloggers in Japanese American style. Fukuse Yuuki is famous for its sharp “cut-crease eyes” eyes, a face that creates striking lines and attractive full lips. Marilyn, another name for Fukuse Yuuri, especially loves colorful contact lenses. So if you’re a contact lens fan, don’t ignore Fukuse Yuuri’s youtube channel.

Usatani is the perfect youtube channel if you are interested in Japanese fashion styles. Especially the stylish and rebellious ‘’ gyaru ’’ style. From style to makeup, Usatani is a true điệu ’gyaru’ ’. In addition to making videos about dress and make-up styles, Usatani also regularly works vlogs on topics of weight loss, detox effectively and safely. Unfortunately Usatani pointed towards domestic viewers. Her videos absolutely do not speak or create English subtitles. But maybe Usatani is still very suitable for those who need to learn Japanese and love Japanese fashion style.

Beauty, fashion, kitchen, know-how to have a happy family and well educate children are all in youtube channel of CH Hoshinoko. Although her videos speak Japanese, you should still follow her! Because CH Hoshinoko’s makeup and cooking instructions are easy to understand. Even if you are just starting to learn make-up, you can follow her easily. In particular, Hoshinoko’s vlogs about family are very happy and close. It can be said, sometimes it makes sense for viewers to be part of her family.