The dense schedule of Olympic athletes does not allow them to take care of their skin through many sophisticated steps that must resort to alternatives. Many people still retain beautiful skin and impressive makeup style. Find out about beauty tips from Olympic athletes!

For Olympic gymnastics athletes, keeping skin smooth is as important as physical training. Thus, Gabby Douglas, the athlete who won 2 Olympic gold medals, said she used to use a razor to shave every morning. Besides, she also uses almond oil and shea butter to moisturize the skin. At the same time, to get shiny skin, she uses sugar, eucalyptus, and honey to exfoliate instead of sophisticated skin care steps with cosmetics.

beauty Meanwhile, Sydney McLaughlin, the youngest female Olympic athlete in the US team, said she only used hair removal cream once in the morning before playing, which is both safe and time-saving. In addition, she also regularly uses waterproof mascara to make the makeup unaffected for a long day even in conditions of excessive sweat.

Katie Zaferes, a female triathlon athlete, said she used to use a razor to remove water in the water to both save time and prevent skin damage Moreover, she uses sunscreen instead of moisturizer to protect her skin every day.

Tori Bowie, the female athlete from Mississippi revealed her skin care tip is quite simple but effective. She said she used shea butter to help her skin look shiny and healthier. Before and after the competition, she also massaged her body with baby oil to soften the skin as well as providing energy for the muscles.

Kate Uhlaender, an American skater champion, shared about lip balm tips. Because you have to practice at a very fast speed, your lips are dry and cracked. To solve this problem, she often rubs wax to make her lips more plump, soft and rosy.

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