Top beauty Korean bloggers you should follow

Top beauty Korean bloggers you should follow

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If you are a lover of beauty and makeup trends from Korea, you must definitely follow the beauty bloggers so you don’t miss the latest information from the beauty powerhouse in Asia.

Beyond Europe and America, now when it comes to Korea, people will think of the country that leads in beauty. Most of the latest beauty trends and makeup products come from Korea, not the US or other countries. And with new beauty news and products being released all the time, beauty followers need someone who can help update the information and no one else can do it more perfectly than beauty bloggers.

Unlike beauty bloggers in Europe or America, Korean beauty bloggers often update and introduce the latest beauty and makeup trends and often these makeup styles are close and suitable for Asians. Rather than stylish makeup from Europe and America.

Here are the top famous beauty bloggers in the Korean beauty community that you should follow.

    Her real name is Jen Kim, a Korean born in Australia who owns a YouTube beauty page with nearly 370,000 followers. If you want to find information about a beauty product in Korea, immediately visit Meejmuse’s Youtube page as she diligently reviews the latest products. You can also find interesting information about Korea in the videos that Meejmuse introduces. Do not worry about the language barrier because in videoclips, Meejmuse share in English.
    Do you love Korean style makeup and always want to try the latest makeup styles from Kpop actors or stars? So Lamuqe’s YouTube page is definitely for you. There is a reason why she owns more than 562,000 subscribers who follow her with makeup tutorials. The only drawback is that Lamuqe only speaks Korean but recently she started making English subtitles for her clips. A plus point is not it?
    Although Jungsaeemmool is a famous makeup artist in Korea, her Youtube page is a little different from the others when she is not young and beautiful, but it is the simple makeup tutorial videos and share useful tips that make this a Youtube site you cannot ignore.
    So Young’s beauty room will lead followers into a variety of beauty spaces when she combines makeup products from Korea, France and the United States for her makeup clips and So Young also reviews the products. Beauty from Europe as well as Korea to give people a broader view of beauty.
    Adding another beauty blogger on the list is not just focusing on Korean beauty products. Dayeong shares makeup tutorials by combining products from France, USA and Korea. She also gave honest reviews about what she liked and what she didn’t like about a product. The only drawback is that only some videos have English subtitles.

Impressive Beauty of Korean Figure Skating Queen Kim Yuna

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Kim Yuna is famous in Korean sports circles for her talent and beauty. She won a gold medal in figure skating in women’s content at the Winter Olympics which took place in 2010. At 17 years old, she became the pride of the country.

In Korea, Kim Yuna has long been famous as one of the national treasures of beauty and a symbol of special influence. She is also considered by Korean people more than celebrities. That is why Kim Yuna often receives advertising shows, appears on television and always surpasses a series of big stars to rank high in the beauty, reputation or influence rankings. Although not possessing dreamy double eyelids like Korean goddesses, Kim Yuna still has attractive beauty, which makes the audience fascinated at first sight.

At the age of 12, Kim Yuna was marked for the first time in the history of figure skating at the Korean National Championships. It can be said that she is the youngest athlete to win this prestigious position. Not stopping there, in 2004, 14-year-old Kim Yuna won a gold medal at the Junior ISU Grand Prix held in Budapest, Hungary and became the first Korean to receive a gold medal in figure skating at an international competition.

In order to talk about Kim Yuna’s remarkable achievements, it will take a long time to finish. During the 3 years from 2002 to 2005, Kim Yuna won the Korean Championship 4 times, the Junior Grand Prix Final (2005 – 2006), the World Youth Championship in 2006, the Grand Prix Final three times (from 2007-2010), the World Championship in 2009, and the 4th continent in 2009.

With his remarkable achievements as well as the glory brought to the country, Kim Yuna naturally became the national treasure of the Republic of Korea. At a young age, Yuna is a rare athlete who won the hearts of the entire Korean people. Besides his talent, Kim Yuna also has a golden heart and a cute face that few athletes have.

Not only succeeding in the field of sports, Kim Yuna is also the face of large national brands such as Samsung, Hyundai, Korean Air, etc. In addition, Kim Yuna regularly deducts her personal income to raise funds for charity not only in Korea but in many other countries around the world.

Unique Beauty Methods of Famous Queens in History (part 2)

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4. Queen of Scotland: Mary (1542 – 1587)

Famous queen Mary Stuart is famous in world history when she was crowned at the age of 6 days old. The beauty of the Queen of Scotland is not a gift from God because she owns a slightly rough nose and a pretty chin. Therefore, she has to pursue many beauty ways to have a captivating beauty captivating people.

Among these is her famous use of white wine for bathing. Accordingly, Queen Mary’s servants often mixed a little wine in the bath water for her to use. Thanks to the alcohol content of the alcohol, the exfoliation becomes effective, helping the skin become whiter and firmer.

5. Queen of France: Marie Antoinette (1755 – 1793)

Queen Marie Antoinette is famous as a beautiful woman with talking eyes. In addition, the smooth white skin is well cared for and the body always exudes a special scent created by her own perfume with expensive aromas. Her captivating charm captivated many men, including cardinal Louis René Edouard de Rohan.

She often goes to bed with a mask made of 2 teaspoons of cognac (or vodka), 1/3 spoon of milk powder, 1 egg white and lemon juice. Mix all ingredients into a thick paste and apply on face for 15 minutes. The Queen cleans her face every morning with a dove-based cleanser made of pigeon. In addition, women at that time considered beauty to have a skin so fragile that it could see the blue veins of blood vessels. That is why the Empress knows how many other French women follow the trend of drawing blood vessels with green pencils.

6. Queen of Austria: Elizabeth (1837-1898)

Queen Elizabeth, better known as Sisi in popular culture, was the wife of Emperor Franz Joseph I of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. She has a hobby of making lotion herself by mixing sperm whale oil, rose water, and almond oil. Every day, the queen applied a thin layer of cream on the face. In addition, the queen also homemade masks for night use with ingredients including veal and crushed strawberries. The Empress’s diet is also strictly controlled. Her long hair is tied up high, so every day she has to spend 3 hours just to remove her hair, she also rarely goes out for fear of damaging the hair.

Tiffany Michelle: American Casino Beauty

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In the past, when it came to gambling-related games, people often thought of places just for men. However, when gender equality is balanced nowadays, it is not too new for beautiful girls to appear in casinos or play on online gaming portals. With their intelligence and sharpness, they proved not inferior to the male defense in terms of level or status. The clearest evidence can be mentioned as the most powerful woman of American poker world – Tiffany Michelle.

Tiffany Michelle was born and raised in Los Angeles, USA. She is a multi-talented person and is known to the public in many different roles such as singer, songwriter, commentator and especially a famous Poker game player. From an early age, she was trained by her grandfather and brothers to play Poker. Later, in order to train and improve playing skills, she played in online casinos and joined some amateur tournaments in her home country. Tiffany is very diligent and spends a lot of time practicing every day. The first success after the days of hard training is the championship in a poker tournament in Las Vegas.

It was also thanks to this victory that she was discovered and recruited by Bombshell Poker as a commentator for Bluff Radio and responsible for WSOP 2006. From that moment on, she began traveling all over the United States to collect information and carry out her mission. Currently, Michelle is one of the expensive commentators of the two most famous Poker game news sites in the US, Poker News and Bluff.

Tiffany Michelle’s professional poker game career was marked by her surprise entry into the top 17 of the best WSOP Main Event in 2008. It is known that this is a very prestigious tournament and the total number of players involved in the year. That’s up to 6,844 people. After this special event, she was praised by many newspapers as a queen of American Poker games.

In addition to her outstanding talent, Tiffany Michelle also possesses an extremely sexy beauty, so she has received many invitations to become an image representative from the Poker media. This charming girl is the exclusive cover model of major magazines such as Ocean View, Rounder, etc.

It can be said that owning many careers in the entertainment field helps her to build a wide relationship with many advantages that few people know about. This is also the reason why this female player is not only famous in the American poker world for his high level of playing cards but also for the great power.

Miss World Sports

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Miss World Sports is a side prize of Miss World. The winner of this side prize will be straight into the final night of the biggest beauty tournament on the planet. Miss World Sports was started in 2003. Particularly in 2005 did not choose MissWorld Sports, but only selected continents with the highest sports performance. But by 2006, the Miss World Sports was back.

Miss World Sports usually has the participation of dozens of countries and territories such as Armenia, Belarus, Hungary, Macedonia, Sweden, Russia, Korea, Germany, Mongolia, etc., The final round of the competition usually takes place in 10 days with the criterion that candidates must have a passion for sports and the ability to play a sport well. Candidates can be either professional athletes or members of the national Olympic team and necessarily have to win the beauty prize in the country.

In the framework of Miss World Sports, beautiful people will have to attend the sports competition. Take 2014 Miss World Sports as a typical example. The girls had to “fight” in the individual competitions. And finally, the winner of the gold medal was Krista Haapalainen, Miss Netherlands. She did not win the individual competitions but maintained a consistent performance throughout the race so she received the highest score. Silver and bronze medals, respectively, belonged to Hungary and South Africa.

In the Miss World Sports final, the beauties will be divided into four teams: Blue team, Yellow team, Red team and Green team. Girls must show their beauty, athletic spirit and endurance. Contestants in the competition must take part in the sports and evening wear rounds of world-famous designers, sports-related to women such as aerobic, modern dance, etc. The competition criteria set out candidates from countries who are passionate about sports and know how to play a sport. In addition, professional athletes or members of the national Olympic team can also take part in.

The judges who are prestigious members of the Olympic Games will select 3 contestants with healthy, dynamic beauty, team spirit and love for sports.

Unique Beauty Methods of Famous Queens in History (part 1)

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Since ancient times, famous and beautiful queens in history have had extremely creative and special beauty methods.

Not only women today like beauty but women in ancient times also like to adorn their inherent natural beauty with extremely unique beauty methods. Archaeological studies have shown that the most beautiful famous queens in history such as the Ancient Egypt Queen Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth the First or the French Queen Marie Antoinette have all secrets to preserving the beauty which are extremely sophisticated, luxurious and expensive.

1. Ancient Egypt Queen Nefertiti (1370-1330 BC)

Queen Nefertiti is so beautiful that her bust rocked the world in the early 20th century. The queen’s special favorite makeup is eyeshadow mixed with black powder used to apply to Arabian eyelids mixed with clay and crushed insects. In addition, she uses a lipstick made from bromine which is a red chemical that is toxic to the body.

2. Ancient Egypt Queen Cleopatra (69-30 BC)

Cleopatra, the most famous beautiful queen of Egypt history, has an extremely luxurious and exotic beauty habit of bathing with stale donkey milk. She believes that donkey milk will keep the skin young and soft. Therefore, the servants had to milk about 700 donkeys every day and wait until the milk was gone to give to the Queen for a dip.

Theoretically, this fluid contains a lot of lactic acid that is capable of eliminating dead cells while providing nutrients to help nourish the skin smooth and white. In addition, the queen also has the hobby of mixing donkey milk with crocodile dung to make skin masks. Whenever she wants to smell sexy, the queen will bathe with rose petals.

3. Queen of England and Ireland Elizabeth I (1533-1603)

Queen Elizabeth I was the second daughter of Henry VIII and was the ruler of England from 1558 until 1603. She was dubbed the “Virgin Queen” because she was never married. However, she is very concerned about beauty care. The Queen often uses lead powder, an extremely toxic substance, mixed with vinegar oil to apply on the face for beautiful white skin.

The female lead ‘Anna’ is a Moscow model

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The beautiful Sasha Luss is being sought after by the media when she takes the role of the female lead Anna in the movie of the same name.

Anna is the latest film project of action movie master Luc Besson. Although not appreciated on the content, the fight phase created a sense of voyeurism of the female lead Sasha Luss has conquered the fastidious audience. Luss’s character is a beautiful young girl, but has a miserable life. Later, she was organized KGB training into professional assassins.

Sasha Luss was born in 1992, is a famous Russian model with an impressive face, elegance typical of Russian women. Possessing a height of 1.78 m and charismatic charm, Luss received many fashion show invitations. The fashion world is also familiar with the image of Luss in the advertising campaigns of Chanel, Dior, Valentino …

Female models often take photos posing sexy with open clothes. According to sharing, the day Luss had no intention of modeling, she spent much time learning to dance and write. But after an ankle injury accident, the 27-year-old long leg decided to look to the catwalk halo.

Beautiful people are not afraid to completely open their bodies in the photos. Each experiment through many different makeup and hair styles, such as the classic curly hair trend of the ladies of the last century, to the way to mess up the bangs, creates a ghostly and reckless feeling. However, Luss is still considered the most suitable for luxurious shaping.

Image of long legs 1.78 m high shades of cold on the runway floor. In an interview, she shared with the modeling industry when she was 13 years old, after her mother took her to a modeling agency in Moscow to sign a contract.

In the field of acting, Luss, although a cross-type actor, has not been trained but she has made continuous efforts. In 2017, Luss became known as Princess Lihö-Minaa in the movie Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. And recently, when starring Anna in the project of the same name, she received the attention of critics and audiences.

Considered a “new person” in the field of acting, but Luss has set a goal for himself. She once shared that she dreamed of winning an Oscar someday. Regarding the reason for trying in the 7th art, Sasha Luss wants to escape the label “mobile vase” and asserted that a model can also break through acting.

Fans rated that the heroine Anna has great ambition and always tries to achieve her dreams. Before Luss, many famous models also made an impression when they encroached on film, including supermodel Cara Delevingne.

The elegant, attractive beauty of Sasha Luss with light makeup. Her face is praised for being beautiful, different because of the high ratio of her eyes, high cheekbones and thin lips. With this beauty, she easily transforms on the stage and when acting.

Best Sports to Keep Fit

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Which sport has the most weight loss effect? Which subject can work out gently and get good results? Compare and choose a sport that suits you!

Swimming: The best sport if you want to lose weight

Effect: Burns 800 calories per hour. Swimming is considered to be the most effective sport for weight loss. When you swim, all your muscles work. Therefore,it helps you burn a large amount of excess calories.


Effectiveness: Burning 800 calories per hour. Step-Aerobic is an aerobic sport combined with a dance platform. Step-Aerobic will help you burn more calories than traditional Aerobic exercises up to 30% – 50%, depending on the rhythm of the steps, the height of the podium and the duration of an exercise.

Most of the exercises in Step-Aerobic exercise focus on areas such as hips, stomach and buttocks, and, in addition to health benefits, Step-Areobic also helps to slim down the body. excess fat and has a pronounced weight loss effect. Step-Aerobic exercises are often diverse and plentiful. Coaches can combine dance steps to create a new exercise. The playful, vibrant rhythm of Step-Aerobic exercise will also help you relieve stress and give you a better cardiovascular system.

Basically, Step still maintains the general principles of a pure aerobic exercise but the body releases a greater amount of energy under the effect of stepping up and down on the platform. The height of the podium is also an important factor determining the content and expected results of the exercise.

Dance: Fun sport to lose weight

Effectiveness: Burning 600-800 calories per hour. This sport is very interesting and has an impact on your whole body. In addition to the effect of weight loss, we certainly all feel interesting with this sport. If you’re home alone, turn on the music and be able to dance. Not only will this help you burn calories, it is also a great stress reliever. However, you should conduct it at least 1 hour at a time to achieve the desired effect. The most effective dances are Zumba, hiphop, belly dance, samba, salsa, etc.

Jimjibang – The secret to preserving the health and beauty of Koreans

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Jimjibang Sauna is a long-standing cultural symbol of Korea, this is also a very popular secret of health and beauty. Jimjibang is a combination of Jim Ji (Sauna) and Bang (Room), a fairly common public sauna. This is a unique model towards the purification of the body by the heat of heat combined with natural ingredients, bringing a sense of comfort and relaxation that no spa or beauty salon can compare. .
Whatever the weather, Koreans, after stressful working hours, they often go to the Jimjibang sauna to relax their minds, improve their energy and this is also Ideal for meeting or birthdays with friends. Jimjilbang has no age or career limits. Everyone, when stepping into Jimjilbang, left all the troubles and tiredness to find relaxation, regenerate energy and improve beauty.

Jimjibang Sauna – “miracle medicine” for health and beauty

In a study conducted in Finland in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, people who sat in the sauna at least once a week had a 22% lower risk of death, and those who had less steam, at least 4 times / week can reduce the risk of death by about two-thirds. People who have a habit of going to the sauna at least 4 times a week are about two-thirds more likely to suffer from memory problems, according to a study published in the journal Age and Aging. In addition, the Journal Psychosomatic Medicine said that people with mild to moderate depression will have a significant improvement in symptoms after sitting in the sauna about 15 minutes/time, 5 days/week. In addition, it can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke as well as reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, according to a study published in the journal JAMA.

In addition to great health benefits, saunas also have incredible beauty effects. When the sauna, by raising the body’s temperature sharply, can kill bacteria, parasites and fungi, help detoxify the body, rejuvenate and brighten skin cells; at the same time create an “artificial fever” to stimulate and strengthen the body’s immune system, improve blood circulation, eliminate toxins, prevent acne. Sauna is also popular for its ability to effectively reduce excess fat.

By the steam method helps unclog pores, excrete toxins in the body so that the skin will be smooth, reduce acne, the body will become relieved, relaxed, relieve joint pain, muscular, relieve stress fatigue. In addition, thanks to the steam in the sauna, you can also steam your hair on the spot, the heat of the steam in the room will expand the hair fibers, so that when you step out of the room, not only your body relaxes but you also Smooth hair.

3 Types of Beer Masks for a Perfect Skin

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Beer is no longer an exotic beauty ingredient for women but not everyone knows how to beautify skin with beer. Let’s try out 3 types of beer masks to help with great skincare at home!

Yogurt beer mask

Depending on the type of skin of each person, women should choose acne treatments that suit themselves. Yogurt beer mask will be a smart choice for those with sensitive skin, easily irritated or reddened.

The reason is that the yogurt ingredients are very mild, do not affect the skin. At the same time, yogurt combined with beer will provide excellent nutrients, giving you a smooth white skin.

  • Preparation: 2 tablespoons of beer & 2 tablespoons of sugar-free yogurt
  • Mix the beer ingredients and yogurt together. After that, wash your face thoroughly and apply the mixture to your skin, leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Week 2 or 3 times, you will have a natural smooth white skin as desired.

Beer lemon juice mask
This type of mask is suitable for girls who possess oily skin. The amount of natural acid, anti-oxidant in the composition of lemon will help kill and eliminate the bacteria that cause acne. Besides, it also clears the pores that are suffering from congestion and swelling. Using a lemon juice beer mask will help your skin reduce sebum and acne significantly.

  • Preparation: 3 tablespoons of beer and 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • Mix beer and lemon juice together. Wash your face thoroughly with clean water and then use a cotton swab to mix the skin on acne-prone skin. Wait for 15 – 20 minutes, then rinse. For good and high efficiency, you should do it 3 times a week.

Honey beer mask

Honey contains many vitamins and amino acids that benefit the skin, especially those with acne. Therefore, this type of beer mask will help reduce acne on your skin effectively. Not only that, it also helps to keep the skin moisturized so that the skin is always smooth and natural.

  • Preparation: 2 tablespoons of beer and 2 tablespoons of honey
  • Mix honey and beer together and apply gently to the face. Wait about 10-15 minutes to rinse with clean water. Regularly regular 3 times per week your dry skin will be improved quickly.