The image of Catriona Gray wearing a wedding dress and smiling brightly on the wedding day is the focus on social media.

Recently, a number of shockingly beautiful beauty forums of Catriona Gray, Miss Universe 2018. The photos recorded the moment when Catriona wore a crystal wedding dress, and stepped up with a handsome man in the big day. The young couple smiled happily and exchanged passionate glances in the wedding space filled with flowers.

Shortly after the spread, a series of wedding photos involving Catriona Gray raised doubts. Accordingly, a part of the audience questioned the reigning Miss Universe ever married in the past. And if this proves to be true, will Catriona Gray be deprived of the crown? However, there are also many predictive ideas that Catriona is just acting as a music video or movie.

The photo series is actually just moments cut from Catriona’s wedding dress clip a few years ago. In this clip, Miss Universe 2018 acted with Arthur Tselishchev, a male model, designer, DJ and photographer. Both have romantic expressions like real lovers on their wedding day.

Catriona Gray is known as the Filipino beauty who won the Miss Universe 2018. She is the fourth Filipino woman to win this noble title. The crown belongs to Catriona Gray convinced the majority of public opinion, because the new beauty is not only beautiful but also very good at catwalk, knowledgeable and intelligent.

Catriona once had a beautiful love that lasted for more than 6 years with Clint Bondad. He was born in 1985 and is a famous actor and model in the Philippines. This couple’s great love is admired by many young Asians. However, after Catriona Gray crowned Miss Universe 2018, the official relationship broke down because of some misunderstandings that stretched from before to after the competition. After parting, though limited to mentioning the enemy, both still give each other respect.

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