When the time is right, the body will gradually appear traces of time. The phenomenon of aging becomes the concern of so many women. It is often assumed that the anti-aging problem is only important for middle-aged women. However, this is a pretty misconception, age does not determine the appearance of aging. So, how to identify the exact time to start anti-aging?

Signs of aging appear not only on your face but also on the skin of your hands. In the steps of skin care, she usually focuses on the face and neck skin. The hands are often accidentally forgotten by the ladies. This gives the opportunity for signs of aging to attack the skin on the hands. In fact, compared to facial skin, hand skin is constantly exposed to sunlight and chemicals. Over time, wrinkles and dullness will appear on the skin. In addition, when the time of aging comes, the phenomenon of subcutaneous tissue depletion will begin. This is the reason why your hand skin becomes wrinkled and loses its elasticity.

The lips full of vitality are one of the most popular beauty of youth. Unfortunately, by the time a certain age is reached, the thickness of the lips will gradually disappear. This is an aging sign that women rarely pay attention to. The thinning of the lips is a result of collagen deficiency. This is a protein that contributes to the fullness and softness of the lips. Lack of collagen will make the lips lack vitality and less sharp.

Eye skin is the most delicate and sensitive area on the face. And, obviously, this is a potential area where age spots can easily appear. The most obvious sign is the wrinkles around the eyes, also known as crow’s feet. This is the result of sunshine and air pollution. These agents break down collagen, elastin and ceramide. These are all essential for maintaining the skin’s elasticity and smoothness. Therefore, you should apply sunscreen carefully to the eye area. At the same time, she can choose anti-aging care lines for this skin.

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