The Japanese have a view of beauty as “wabi-sabi” (imperfect). The meaning of this point of view is that people are born with no-perfect capital! Therefore, each person must always be aware of trying to overcome the shortcomings and strive to become “the best version of himself”. This view of the Japanese people is most evident in the beauty field. It will be hard for you to see a Japanese girl with an inferior appearance. Because the girls always know how to make themselves as beautiful as possible!

If you are feeling too familiar and boring to the Korean, Chinese or European American beauty world. Then right now you should try stepping into the beauty world of the beauty Japanese blogger.

If you are just starting to enter the beauty world of Japan then Rinrin Doll is the first youtube channel you should explore. Rinrin is of Japanese origin but was born and raised in Los Angeles so her English is quite good. This is one of the few beauty bloggers in Japan who speak English. Rinrin is a model that represents the street fashion style of Japanese youth. She often makes videos that update the latest fashion and style trends. In addition, Rinrin worked hard to make makeup tutorial videos from simple to professional. You will easily find Rinrin’s genuine product reviews including premium brands like M.A.C to popular brands like Maybeline.

Can say the youtube channel of Kumamiki variety of colors with hundreds of different new topics! From makeup, product experience, skin care to DIY videos, travel, psychological counseling. Kumamiki may not be a beauty blogger in Japan to bring you breakthroughs. But surely Kumamiki will convey new positive energy to you. Coming to the color world of Kumamiki you will find life more loving, more relaxing after tired working hours. Especially Kumamiki also has a very cute dog named Moja, who often appears with her in vlogs. It’s fun because Kumamiki recently created a second youtube channel using English for international viewers to follow.

Beauty blogger Japan – Fukuse Yuuri is named “Glam Make-up Look Queen”. She is one of the few beauty bloggers in Japanese American style. Fukuse Yuuki is famous for its sharp “cut-crease eyes” eyes, a face that creates striking lines and attractive full lips. Marilyn, another name for Fukuse Yuuri, especially loves colorful contact lenses. So if you’re a contact lens fan, don’t ignore Fukuse Yuuri’s youtube channel.

Usatani is the perfect youtube channel if you are interested in Japanese fashion styles. Especially the stylish and rebellious ‘’ gyaru ’’ style. From style to makeup, Usatani is a true điệu ’gyaru’ ’. In addition to making videos about dress and make-up styles, Usatani also regularly works vlogs on topics of weight loss, detox effectively and safely. Unfortunately Usatani pointed towards domestic viewers. Her videos absolutely do not speak or create English subtitles. But maybe Usatani is still very suitable for those who need to learn Japanese and love Japanese fashion style.

Beauty, fashion, kitchen, know-how to have a happy family and well educate children are all in youtube channel of CH Hoshinoko. Although her videos speak Japanese, you should still follow her! Because CH Hoshinoko’s makeup and cooking instructions are easy to understand. Even if you are just starting to learn make-up, you can follow her easily. In particular, Hoshinoko’s vlogs about family are very happy and close. It can be said, sometimes it makes sense for viewers to be part of her family.

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