Miss World is one of the oldest beauty contests. It was first held in 1951 by a British advertising company. At first, it was only intended to host the contest once, but by then Miss World was too fond of it, it became the annual contest. The article figures out a list of 10 Miss World is said to be the most beautiful ever.

1. Susana Duijm – Miss World 1955
Venezuela holds the record of winning the most Miss World with a total of six times won the crown. Susana is the first person to bring glory to Venezuela.

2. Penelope Coelen – Miss World 1958
At the age of 18, the secretary became the first South African to win Miss World. After winning, she returned home to get married and had 5 sons and 3 grandchildren. Her name is also used to name a species of rose: Rosa Penny Coelen.

3. Ann Sidney – Miss World 1964
She is the second UK representative to win this contest. After filming, Ann Sidney became an actor, starring in a number of television dramas and starring in James Bond’s “You Only Live Twice.”

4. Madeline Hartog-Bel – Miss World 1967
After the victory, the beautiful Peruvian moved to live in Paris, then moved to southern Florida and gave birth to a daughter here.

5. Jennifer Hosten – Miss World 1970
After the coronation, the beautiful country of Grenada came to live in Canada, graduated from university and became a psychiatrist.

6. Cindy Breakspeare – Miss World 1976

After the coronation, beautiful Jamaica has left the modeling career to pursue the music. She had a son with Damian Marley, who also followed in the footsteps of becoming a reggae artist.

7. Sarah-Jane Hutt – Miss World 1983

This is another UK representative crowned Miss World. However, her win did not convince the other contestants, many of whom bravely criticized the decision of the jury.

8. Linda Pétursdóttir – Miss World 1988
The beauty of Iceland is both beautiful and a successful businessman. She is the owner of a spa company. In 2015, Linda returned to Miss World as a judge.

9. Aishwarya Rai – Miss World 1994

American Indian is often praised as the most beautiful Miss of all time. She is an actress, model, representative of international cosmetics company L’Oreal.

10. Priyanka Chopra – Miss World 2000

Beautiful Indian beauty talents in singing and acting. She is currently known in America for her portrayal of “Quantico”.

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