The Most Famous Beauty Bloggers You Should Follow Right Now (part 4)

The Most Famous Beauty Bloggers You Should Follow Right Now (part 4)

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Amelia Liana

A list of the most famous beauty influencers in the world can’t be completed without mentioning Amelia Liana.

With a huge amount of global audience following her self-titled blog and YouTube channel, Amelia Liana shares a range of valuable beauty-related content, including her favorite beauty bargains on occasions like Black Friday and festive gift guides at the same time showing off her flawless skin. She always exactly demonstrates how she achieves her perfect look.

Moreover, Amelia also usually shares her favorite picks from well-known brands like Kiehl’s and shows her seasonal beauty essentials. All of this has helped Amelia to have huge success within the beauty industry and work with some of the world’s most famous brands.

Gemma Louise

Maybe most of us have heard of Gemma Louise since she has been floating around social media for a quite long time up to now.

Widely known for her work as a beauty blogger and photographer, Gemma has gained more and more fame and become a more and more popular beauty guru as building an incredibly supportive community. In addition to sharing lifestyle and parenting content, Gemma also posts about all things related to beauty – from seasonal makeup looks and skincare routines to Christmas gift guides.

Gemma is continuing to cooperate with some of the most famous names in the beauty industry, which helps her to be on the very top.

Hannah Gale

Hannah Gale is a famous UK lifestyle and beauty blogger. Having got her website domain since her young days, Hannah wanted to create content for herself and her own site as for others. So, she headed to the world of blogging and hasn’t looked back ever since.

In addition to posting about lifestyle and sometimes parenting, Hannah also shares her love for all things related to beauty, including skincare, makeup, and anything in between. From writing first impression posts, sharing the deets on her current skincare routine, filming beauty hauls, to discussing her favorite products of the year, her blog and social channels are a one-stop-shop for all your beauty needs.

Three female athletes who can inspire your beauty attempts

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During the last century, female athletes have been making an impact. In terms of beauty, it may seem natural to think of professional athletes in a less-than-beautiful state. However, the fact is that many of them have quite to offer from a fashion and beauty standpoint. Here are three female athletes who can inspire your beauty attempts.

Serena Williams

It seems that Serena Williams become more and more impressive year after year. After giving birth to a daughter in the fall of 2017, she came back to professional tennis gradually in 2018 and has already just about back on top. Remaining the most dominant tennis player in the world, she always looks absolutely glorious – either on or off the court. Williams also clearly gets lots of joy out of beauty and fashion, which makes it not hard to find interviews, beauty tips, and recommendations from her.

Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn is an extremely interesting case. Not just because she can finish an Olympic competition looks like she walked off the front page of a fashion magazine. It’s partly due to the nature of her sport as well as her training and lifestyle. Vonn is among the best skiers of the modern era and she has some beauty tips during winter months that are really worth reading if the area you live has a cold weather. Her specific efforts are straightforward: exfoliating, much moisturizing, etc. Reading through it all, you can find that she actually does quite much to keep her skin in good condition with such cold, dry weather she experiences.

Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan is one of the world’s best female soccer players and an extremely accomplished one at that. She’s also famous for her beauty and fitness. If you read up on her beauty tips and tricks, you will find that she does it all with a straightforward routine. Morgan just talks about simple things such as the regularity of manicures and things like that.

The Most Famous Beauty Bloggers You Should Follow Right Now (part 3)

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The Anna Edit

Anna Newton, one of the OG beauty bloggers, created The Anna Edit (also known as Vivianna Does Makeup), to show and save her love of beauty.

Venturing into the online world of fashion, lifestyle, and interior design, it was beauty that truly stole her heart and led her to create her blog and YouTube channel.

During the last decade, Anna has always been one of the most-sought after beauty bloggers out there. From quick and simple five-minute makeup routines to tips to pack up skincare routine for a trip, she shares everything and discusses the best beauty investments she has made. If you need classic, simple, and no-nonsense beauty advice, Anna is the perfect option.

Beth Sandland

Famous for her standout photography skills displayed across social media, Beth Sandland has also become one of the most favorite beauty influencers on the internet.

Beth takes to her self-titled blog, Beth Sandland, to share her love of makeup and skincare as well as discuss about her current makeup favorites along with product reviews. She also shows her experiences of various beauty and skincare treatments such as microblading and microdermabrasion.

Sharing stunning shots and flat-lays of products, her Instagram has been one to swoon over and will soon have you fill up your online shopping bag of good beauty products.

Jodie Melissa

After experimenting with some different beauty blogs when she was teen, Jodie Melissa decided to become a fully-fledged beauty blogger, and has become an extremely good one at that!

With informative content on her self-titled blog and Instagram feed, Jodie keeps growing her loyal following and becomes one of the most famous beauty bloggers online. She shares detailed reviews of beauty products and treatments, seasonal makeup picks, and shows off her impressive makeup collection, which all together make Jodie and her brand become relatable and authentic.

The Most Famous Beauty Bloggers You Should Follow Right Now (part 2)

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3. The Anna Edit

Anna Newton created The Anna Edit (other name Vivianna Does Makeup), to document her love of beauty.

Venturing into the online world of fashion, lifestyle, and interior design, it was beauty that truly influenced her; motivating her to create her blog and YouTube channel.

Up to now, Anna remains one of the most standing out beauty bloggers online. From quick and simple five-minute makeup routines to packing up your skincare routine for a trip, Anna shares everything and discusses some of the best beauty investments that she has made. If you need simple, classic and no-nonsense beauty advice, Anna is the girl of your choice.

4. British Beauty Blogger

After starting her career as a writer in the industry of the print and digital media, Jane Cunningham traded newspapers for blog posts and created British Beauty Blogger.

With years of experience in both media and beauty industry, Jane has a wide knowledge that makes her become the perfect beauty blogger. Her website is the ultimate destination in terms of all things related to makeup and skincare. Jane shares everything, from detailed product reviews and brand overviews to exciting new launches and even dupes.

Jane’s Instagram is also full of artsy product shots as well as useful video demonstrations.

5. Hello October

Suzi Bonaldi is the creator of the blog and YouTube channel Hello October, dedicated to fashion, lifestyle, and beauty.

Suzi creates her blog and her social media channels to share a wide variety of beauty-related content. From sharing her most-used makeup products of the year to organizing her beauty products and setting up day/night skincare routines, Suzi really covers it all.

Suzi also shares the details of her skincare routine and provides her followers with an insight into exactly how she makes up to look so effortlessly gorge and glow.

Top Beauty Tips For Athletes (part 2)

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3. Moisturize Your Skin Sufficiently

Moisturizing is important for anyone, especially for athletes. Athletic women are commonly exposed to harsh elements than other women, whether they are playing sport in a chlorinated pool or outside on a softball field.

Exposure to the outdoors or harsh chemicals in water can easily make athletes’ skin dry and cracked. Choose a thick, non-comedogenic moisturizer to slather liberally over your skin at nighttime to keep your skin soft, smooth, and hydrated.

4. Don’t Skimp on Sunscreen

Extensive exposure to the outdoors can dry out your skin and cause sun damage to your skin as well.

Long and frequent exposure to the sun’s UV rays without the protection of sunscreen can cause permanent skin damage that is unattractive and unhealthy. You can prevent premature aging and discolored skin by applying sunscreen before heading out for a run or a sports game.

5. Take Advantage of Tinted Moisturizer

Sometimes foundation is not a good option since it makes you feel like your face is melting off into a cakey mess all day long. Instead, you can try tinted moisturizer to even out your skin tone and mask imperfections. Often including sunscreen, tinted moisturizer hydrates your skin and provides extremely lightweight coverage for your face. Considered as an all-in-one miracle makeup and skincare product, tinted moisturizer can be the best friend of any female athlete.

6. Consider Braids

Braids is the hair style of choice for those who are looking for a great hairstyle while working out or practicing their sports that won’t leave their hair looking like a mess later on like a ponytail will.

Braids will keep your hair out of your face and out of your way while you are exercising or playing sport. They can easily be transformed into lightly waved locks as you are done working out.

The Most Famous Beauty Bloggers You Should Follow Right Now (part 1)

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The beauty industry is so overwhelming, especially for those who are new to the world of skincare and makeup. With so many products and beauty bloggers sharing their must-have beauty items, things have been made a little bit easier. Here is a list of the most famous beauty bloggers around the world that you should follow right now to have good advice and informative product reviews.

1. Caroline Hirons

Our list can’t be completed without Caroline Hirons taking the top spot.

Caroline Hirons is one of the leading skincare and beauty bloggers in the UK with so many reasons. She is widely-known as a qualified aesthetician, facialist and brand consultant, knowing all there is to know about skincare. With a blog and YouTube channel dedicated to providing all of the skincare information that both men and women around the world will ever need, Caroline shares AM and PM routines, product reviews, as well as well-informed brand overviews.

Moreover, Caroline has also released her own book which can be described as a skincare bible. Also famous within celebrity circles, Queen C often features on This Morning to show viewers exactly how to up their skincare game. If you want to get a skincare query, you’ll be able to find the answer on the Queen’s blog and social channels.

2. The Sunday Girl

Run by Adrienne Söndag, The Sunday Girl is a website dedicated to all things related to beauty.

The blog has been running for almost a decade with some changes. But Adrienne’s love for makeup and skincare always remains the same.

With beautifully directed pictures of beauty products, the blog is a great destination for informative and aesthetically pleasing content. In addition to sharing detailed product reviews and discussing amazing new makeup launches, Adrienne also shares beauty tips, tricks, and hacks with her loyal fanbase.

Ten Daily Beauty Tips Every Woman Needs To Know

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You don’t have to depend on your beautician to look good, all the time. There are a lot of things that you can do on your own to enhance your beauty. Here are 10 simple and effective tips that can help you become your own beautician.

1. Drink 8 or more glasses of water per day. If you stay hydrated, your skin will glow and look youthful and is less likely to dry out.

2. Concealers can help brighten up your face. Use it when you look tired or want to cover up sunspots, blemishes, and dark circles under eyes.

3. Never ignore your eyebrows. When you tweeze and thread your brows regularly, they’ll give you a polished and clean look, and thereby, enhance your natural beauty.

4. Never forget to moisturize your face before going to bed. Your skin has many pores that accumulate dirt from the surroundings during the day. Moisturizing will help cleanse your skin and prevent the occurrence of pimples.

5. Give yourself a manicure at home. Clean the old nail polish, shape the nails evenly, remove the cuticles gently and apply your favorite nail polish.

6. Brush your hair before going to bed to strengthen its roots. Give it a soapy water bath at night every day, however, make sure you do not go to sleep with wet hair because wet hair increases the chances of hair breakage.

7. If your eyeliner tends to crumble every time you put it on, freeze it for 15 minutes prior to applying make-up. Then the eyeliner will glide alone your lash line seamlessly.

8. Whether it’s a sunny, wintry or rainy day, never forget to apply sunscreen. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, 80 per cent of the sun’s UV rays pass through the clouds.

9. Never pop your zits. Not only will it give scars to your face, it will also worsen the blemish and spread bacteria to other places, giving rise to more zits.

10. Use oil-based products to remove make up instead of over-cleaning your face. This is because oil-based products improve your epidermis’s condition and prevent your skin from secreting more oil.

Top Beauty Tips For Athletes (part 1)

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If you are an active woman involved in any sport, practicing a solid beauty routine like non-athletic women may be a challenge. When you’re bouncing from the gym to work to the basketball court or the golf course to your nightly run, styling your hair and applying flawless makeup can seem like an impossibility. If you’re an athlete who cares about your looks as well as your fitness, this reality can be frustrating. However, there’s no need to give up on maintaining a beauty routine that works for you. Read on to discover beauty tips for athletes to help you keep your beauty and your fitness in perfect balance on and off the field.

1. Hydrate Your Hair

One of the biggest challenges for female athletes with long hair is the damage that their hair sustains over time. When you have to shower frequently to get rid of sweat after exercising and you always have to have your hair up in a ponytail while you work out or play your sport, your hair gets put through the wringer and fights back with split ends and brittleness.

To soothe your hair, you need to give it extra attention that goes beyond daily shampoo and conditioner. Massage a hair-friendly oil, such as coconut, jojoba, or argan oil, into your hair on a regular basis to help keep it hydrated and rejuvenated despite your active lifestyle.

2. Keep Your Face Clean

Sweating is an inevitable part of working out and playing sports. However, it can also take a toll on your face. To help combat the negative consequences of excessive sweating, try to wash your face immediately after every workout or sports game, even if you can’t get to the shower for a bit. If you can’t get to a sink, invest in facial wipes to keep in your gym bag and swipe over your face as soon as possible after you’ve been sweating to keep your pores clear and your face blemish-free.

Skin care tips in summer you must follow right now (part 2)

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5. Hydrate your body with a summery lotion

Find a lotion that you won’t forget to put on. Summer is the perfect time to pick up more light summery lotions instead of your thick winter body butters. Look for something light fast absorbing since you don’t have time to wait for your body lotion to sink in. Purees and gels are perfect fast absorbers. A light refreshing fruity lotion is also a great option. Remember to apply lotion right after drying off from your shower.

6. Summer glow

In terms of adding a little summer tint to your skin, you have so many choices. Using a sunless tanner will help your skin have a beautiful start to summer. Even if you don’t like to apply sunless tanners all over your body, you can use them on your face . If you alternate your facial moisturizer with one that creates a bit of color, you will have a healthy glow that will make your face look as if you just spent the weekend on the beach. Most facial tanners gradually build color. By alternating with your regular moisturizer, you will not get too dark.

7. Don’t forget your feet

In summer, don’t forget to scrub off the dead dry skin in order to reveal your sandal ready feet since nothing is worse than seeing dull dry feet inside cute sandals. Keep a foot scrub, file it in your shower and scrub your feet a few times per week. You will see a big difference in the softness of your feet.

8. Look for a summery polish

Purchase a bold new polish for your toes. Choose something that screams summer. Polish usually stays on your toes longer than on your hands since you don’t abuse your toe nails like you do your finger nails. Therefore, apply a clear base coat, two applications of color, and then a clear top coat to protect.

Skin care tips in summer you must follow right now (part 1)

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Summer is the season that always takes a toll on the skin. The pollution, scorching heat, humidity, wipes the skin off the natural glow, and might even invite infections. To keep your skin radiating like before, here are the top easy skin care tips that you must follow right now.

1. Exfoliate your skin

The basic rule of skincare is to exfoliate your skin. Your body sheds skin cells every minute of every day at an amazing speed. Therefore, if you don’t get rid of them, they will set in on your skin and make you look dull and dry. You can’t have glowing skin if you don’t exfoliate it, no matter how much lotion you use. Just grab a body scrub and have a bath by gently rubbing your exfoliator on your entire body and then rinsing clean. Do this 2-3 times a week to have year-round beautiful skin.

2. Sunscreen is a must-have item

Throw away any unused sunscreen since last year for a new bottle. Sunscreens don’t last forever and there is a fact that most people don’t use them as much as they should. Buy a new sunscreen coming in SPF 30 and SPF 70. You should use a full teaspoon just on your face and a full shot glass for your body. Reapply it every 1-2 hours if you are in the sun in order to ensure a summer full of safe sun fun.

3. Choose minimal make-up

During summers, minimal make-up is best. If you intend to use foundation, you should apply face powder with SPF in order to avoid patchy skin. Always use a gloss or a lip balm with an SPF of 15 to protect your lips and make them fresher. Eye make should be avoided as much as possible in summers.

4. Make water your best friend

You need to drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. Try to carry a bottle of water along with you and drink at least once every 30 min. Besids making you feel fresh, water also prevents dehydration and helps wash out a lot of toxins.